Adorama Rental Co: the best store in New York to rent photo equipment

adorama-rental-co-NYCTTIf you want to rent a camera and/or video equipment at a good price in New York, Adorama Rental Co is a real good deal in NY.

What kind of equipment will you find at Adorama Rental Co?

The Adorama Rental Co offers everything that you might need for photography or video projects.

They have all the latest equipment!

The internet site is divided into 8 categories:

– Cameras: all brands for photos and video, like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Hasselblad, Red Scarlet…

– Lenses for cameras and camcorders: they have a great selection of size and brands (Nikon, Canon, Zeiss, Leica…)

– Accesories for cameras and camcorders: memory cards, filters, batteries and chargers …

– Lighting material: flashes, strobes, bulbs, white background…

– Grip: booms, tripods, dolly…

– Computers: PC, screens, laptops, towers…

– Equipment for presentations: LCD projectors, projection screens…

– Audio: microphone, audio recorders, headphones…



What are the rates at Adorama Rental Co?

The rates are very economical, it is their slogan!

For example, if you want a fisheye wide angle lens Canon EF 8-15mm F / 4L, you can rent it for as low as 28 USD per day, 30 USD for a weekend of three days or 84 USD per week. See more here.

If you want to take pictures with a Tilt Shift lens you can rent it for no more than $80.

The truth is that Adorama is one of my best tips in New York, because if you want to buy the lens, it could cost about 2000 USD!

In fact, this photo has been taken with a NIKON 24MM / 3.5 PC-E NIKKOR ASPHERICAL with Tilt Shift mode.




How to rent equipment at the Adorama Rental Co?

It’s really easy, visit their internet page:

Here is the complete procedure with images (click on an image and then on the arrow to see all the process):


 adorama-rental-co-NYCTT  adorama-rental-co-NYCTT  adorama-rental-co-NYCTT  adorama-rental-co-NYCTT  adorama-rental-co-NYCTT  adorama-rental-co-NYCTT adorama-rental-co-NYCTT


Once you confirm your reservation leaving your credit card number, you will receive a confirmation email with all the elements you chose.

The amount of the rent is not charged until you return the product to the store. The same with the deposit, the amount is charged by ARC only in case of theft, damage or loss.

Either way, if you have any questions, you can send an email to Adorama, they’ll answer very quickly.


When to make the reservation of the equipment?

I recommend booking early to ensure they have the material available on your dates. When ARC has only a few items left they are more expensive.




How to pick up your equipment once your in New York?

Once in New York, you have to go to the store, go through a small hallway, then go up to the sixth floor, and reach the place in the picture below:


Adorama is a store that sells new and used equipment too.

Adorama is one of the most interesting store for purchasing photo and video equipment, above all when they sell their old appliances.

Here is the link for “new equipment”

If you want to buy “used” items:



I liked the wide range of equipment, quality and the good condition of the equipment they have. The rates are very economical for both renting and purchasing items. The staff is very nice!

I highly recommend them!

And as always, I will be looking forward to receiving your best photos!


More information:


Address: 42 West 18th Street, New York City (6th floor)


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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