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When you are planning your trip to New York City, one of the stages is to book the accommodation. Hotels are a good option, but I know that some of you look for the comfort of an apartment.
There are many sites like Airbnb or Homelidays. However, not all property advertisement is reliable and do not respect the New York City laws. They are more conducive to last-minute cancellations, leaving one with no place to stay.
Anyway, my idea is to propose a trustworthy solution for renting an apartment in New York. My criteria are compliance with the law, quality and price. New York Habitat corresponds to all of them, you’ll find out why in this post.

What is NY Habitat?

It is a New York real estate agency created in 1989 by Marie-Reine Jézéquel. At first, they proposed apartments in New York, but now they are in Paris, South of France and London.
In New York, their listing has around 200 short-term apartments (for vacations), 1500 furnished apartments for a medium or long stay, and 400 shared apartments.

I like NY Habitat because:
– its website is nice, practical and easy to use,
– its accommodation offer is varied,
– it’s safe. Airbnb and similar sites suffer from a bad image due to the amount of false advertisements or cancellation without notice from the owners. NY Habitat is different because each apartment is verified.

What are the advantages of NY Habitat compared to the others?

I will review the following criteria for NY Habitat, Airbnb and Homelidays:
– Characteristics of the platform:
NYC Habitat is a real estate agency that manages hundreds of apartments, unlike Aibnb and Homelidays, which only propose a relationship between individuals. As well as any real estate agency, they know the properties presented in their catalog. Each apartment is verified and most of them received a visit from the NY Habitat team to make sure everything is in order (cleanliness, compliance with the law…).
As you know, Airbnb and other sites are not as strict and more prone to scams.
Point in favor of NY Habitat.

– Ergonomics of the website:
Airbnb is a forerunner in the matter. However, all vacation rentals websites look similar today.
Point in favor of the three.

– Short-term apartments offer:
Airbnb has a greater range of apartments. Homelidays stands halfway and NY Habitat proposes 10 times fewer apartments than Airbnb.
Now, these figures must be mitigated because many ads do not have comments (or few), they are false and may hide scams. You need to be very careful when looking for your accommodation in these places.
Yet, point in favor of Airbnb.

– Offer of furnished apartments (medium and long term):
NY Habitat proposes the largest number of medium and long-term apartments. Aribnb is just behind, followed by Homelidays.
Only NY Habitat proposes shared apartments.
Point in favor of NY Habitat.

– Diversity of options
Airbnb and Homelidays propose more options, but most are of little use. I don’t think you choose an apartment because they offer the shampoo, a flat screen tv and wifi connection … I mean, all the apartments provide these services.
In the end, point in favor of the three.

– Rates:
Yes, NY Habitat is more expensive. Why? One of the main reasons is because their apartments must meet more rigorous requirements, such as respecting the law. I give you more details below.

– Regulation for short-term rental:
The law adopted in 2010 prohibits the rental of apartments of less than 30 days in buildings with more than 3 residential units.
To be legal, the building must have less than 3 dwellings. Plus, the owner must be present during the guests’ stay.
There lies the biggest difference between NY Habitat, Airbnb and Homelidays since the first one reviews each apartment to make sure it complies with the law.
It should be noted that if you rent an apartment that does not respect the law, you will not have legal problems. But NYC City Council strives to combat this illegal business, and owners threatened by the authorities do not hesitate to cancel the rent at the last minute. It has already happened to me. The apartment I rented was closed, and I had to find a hotel for the same night (it was in December and it was snowing), you can imagine the expense and sudden stress…).
Point in favor of NY Habitat.

– Customer service before and during the stay:
This last criterion is quite important because you might need help when booking an apartment.
With NY Habitat, a person is available to guide you to choose an apartment that suits you tastes and budget, unlike the other sites for which you’re left alone.
Point in favor of NY Habitat.

In short:

NY Habitat Airbnb Homelidays
Characteristics of the platform
Ergonomics of the website
Short-term apartments offer
Offer of furnished apartments (medium and long term)
Diversity of options
Regulation for short-term rental
Customer service before and during the stay

How to book with NY Habitat?

It is very simple, just follow the steps on the website by clicking on the button below.

NY Habitat website


Airbnb and Homelidays are cheaper and offer more apartments. However, NY Habitat is safer because they verify compliance with the law and have an interlocutor if you need help.
Organizing a trip to New York can be stressful and I do not like to add more with the possibility of falling into a scam.
I sincerely believe that NY Habitat is a good plan to find an apartment in NY.
Do not hesitate to share your experience with me!

Note, this is not a sponsored article, I don’t write sponsored article.


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

4 commentaires

  1. Michael says:
    Hi Memo; Thank you for the efforts you have put in gathering information for this site. it is very informative for those who have not travelled to the states yet. I am an Australian travelling to NY in April this year (2020) for the first time and looking for accommodation for 4 in a self contained apartment. Its part of a bigger trip starting on the west coast. The XR for the AUD doesn’t favour us at all so the prices of acommodation in Manhattan for a week have been daunting. We need an area that will allow us to get into NY easily but has some good points. Another brother is staying in Chelsea but this is too expensive for us. Your comments regarding NY Habitat resonate well with me, so I will examine their offerings but I don’t know NY well enough to select an area to examine for a rental. Can you offer any suggestions?
    • TeamMemo says:
      Thank you Michael!
      What would be your budget and when do you plan to be in NYC? You may spend less money with a hotel in Long Island City, Queens. It’s outside Manhattan, but about 10-15 minutes away from Times Square. There are several subway stations (more than Chelsea), and you can go almost everywhere from there.
      I wrote these posts that may help you:
      • Michael says:
        Thanks for your quick reply Memo. I will look in that area. Between the two couples we would have up to $4000AUD so that would be about $2800USD. I wonder if others have made this observation, one that disturbs us as visitors and it has to do with general pricing behavior for hotels and lodgings. In our country a price that is advertised is the market rate. In looking at advertised accommodation in NYC though it is very deceptive, in our country it would be called misleading advertising as taxes and then service charges and whatever are applied after the headline rate. On top of this we don’t come from a ‘tipping’ culture so we have to factor that in to our budgets. I don’t think you have a very strong consumer protection environment there going by the behaviour of hotels etc that we have looked at. Despite this we are looking forward to our time in the ‘big apple’ as they call it.
        • TeamMemo says:
          You’re welcome!
          I use for a hotel and you can see the rate with taxes included. But I understand what you mean, it can be confusing. When I shop, I mentally add 10%, the same when I read a menu at a restaurant. I wrote this post about taxes in New York City that could help.
          I’m sure that you will have a wonderful time in NYC, at least you’re planning your trip ahead to ge used to all this cultural differences and won’t be lost or shocked once in NYC 😉

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