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Are you traveling alone to New York City?


I realize that many people visit NYC alone.
In case you want to find other people who are traveling alone to New York, you can leave a message below this post or on my Facebook page.
The goal is to make you meet other travelers and share some of your visits or your experiences of the city.

Sometimes there are opportunities to be seized (flight deals, vacations, 2x1 entries ...) but it's not always easy to find a friend available to go to NYC.

Visit and walk the streets of Manhattan can be much more fun between 2 or 3 people than by yourself 😉


Some of you are planning group visits to NY, and you may want to invite more people to join with you! I got you covered with some travel tips here.

Now it should be noted that the objective is not to make romantic encounters and to find dates. The idea is to find fellow travelers to discover the famous Big Apple together.

If you don't find people to join you, no worries. You can stay at a hostel. A lot of people travel alone and you can meet new people. Local Hostel is a place I've been to a couple of years ago. It's nice and welcoming!
I'll soon post more places like Local Hostel so you can have more options according to your taste and budget


Make "the bigger, the better" comes true!

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  1. James Burton says:

    Going Saturday August 4 th. 55 year old male just going for the day then back to Boston same evening... could use a friend my age or older male or female to walk around and site see people watch. Not looking to spend a lot of money just looking to enjoy the day/ sites. No alcohol no drugs safe and sane only.

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