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  • How much money should you budget for a week trip to New York City?

    Determining a budget for a trip to New York is quite complicated. You must take into account various expenses, some are more important than others. Anyhow, I’ll try to give you some clues. I will define three types of budgets (tight, average and large budgets) for a couple who decides to stay a week in New York (7 nights).
  • Things you should know before traveling to the United-States and especially New York

    Before going on a new adventure and take your New York flight, there are a couple of little things you must know that you may not be familiar with. Whether it’s alcohol, tobacco, streets rules, tips or pharmacies… Oh yes, several differences can be acknowledged in the US and it’s a real change with our “old Europe” as they like to call it. I’ve never been to Australia, so I can’t compare, you’ll tell me
  • Where to stay in New York? Find an apartment, a hotel or a hostel

    You plan to travel to New York, but still do not know what type of accommodation you might need regarding your budget and the number of people who will be going with you.
  • What’s the best neighborhood for housing in New York City?

    A number of people often ask me: what is the best neighborhood for a short-term stay in NYC? Often, I will to answer: it all depends on your taste and budget. What kind of neighborhood you prefer staying: touristic, hip and young, with locals or/and affordable? Precisely, this is where the problem is: you’ll have to make a decision!!!
  • How to fly to New York? How to choose your travel agency?

    f you want to book your flight for your upcoming trip to New York, I have compiled the best travel agencies who are offering the best prices on NY.
  • Going for a week to visit New York: 4 different types of itineraries

    Going to New York for a week? Then, I advise you to plan ahead and organize yourself wisely. You don’t have to follow the itineraries step by step, but this will come in handy in case you forget something and allow you to discover 3 museums and 5 neighborhoods.
  • See the best of New York in 3 days

    The bet of visiting New York in 3 days is something doable, even if obviously you won’t be able to see and visit everything. I’m not only suggesting one plan for 3 days but 4 different plans. But, in order to spend 3 days in New York, you’ll have to think strategically and make choices!!! Therefore, you’ll have to choose what type of plan works for you the best.
  • Visit New York in 1 day: it’s possible!!!

    When I say “visit New York in 1 day: it’s possible”, of course you won’t be able to see as much as if you were staying for 1 or 2 weeks or even a month. And yes, I agree, I must admit, it’s a bit presumptuous. Nonetheless, I can guaranty you it’s possible to see the majority of the attractions in New York. This is going to be a very busy and exhausting day, but trust me you’ll be amazed!!!
  • Summary of your bookings not to forget before your trip

    A number of you have been asking me to do a little « recap » on booking you must do before your trip to New York. First of all, I must say that anything besides your flight tickets and hotel room, nothing is mandatory in terms of booking.
  • Baggage allowance information on US bound flights

    Many of you have asked questions about what can you take on a US bound flights regarding your carry-on or weight luggage regulations. I’ve written a little reminder on everything you need to know about baggage allowance before flying to New York City.
  • Packing tips for your trip to New York City

    I want to share a reminder with you, useful when packing you luggage to make sure you do not forget anything before heading to the airport.
  • How to chose the best pass to visit NY ?

    After drafting an itinerary, compare the pass offers and chose the one that better suits your trip with unlimited activities, "à la carte" or the New York CityPASS.
  • Photo sessions in New York with Johnny from NYCTT

    I’d like to introduce Johnny who offers a high quality photo-shoot at a good price in New York. Johnny is a very nice and professional photographer. You'll love the result!
  • All New York Tours to do as a couple or family

    During a trip, each of us have preferences. Some of us like to go on an “adventure” with a backpack on, others want to take it easy and ask for “comfort” and “piece of mind”. My strongest advice is to plan ahead when you’re going to New York City!
  • Take the subway or a bus ride in New York with the MetroCard

    The public transportation of New York is suitable if you stay for a week or more in the city. I know the best way to see a city is by walking in the streets, but NY is very large, and you’ll get tired quickly.
  • The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) to travel to the USA

    The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is required to travel to the United States since 2009. In this article, I will tell you in a few words everything you need to know about this document.
  • Is New York a safe city?

    Some of you fear for your own safety and ask me if New York is a safe city, If you live in London, Los Angeles, Sydney… you are used to living in a big city. Now if you live in a smaller city, I fully understand your concerns. But do not worry, New York is now a very safe city.
  • What weather forecast to expect for your next trip to New York?

    If you’re planning on going to New York, you probably want to know what kind of weather to expect. Let me give you some clues so you can prepare your suitcase according to the expected forecast.
  • How do your electrical and electronic devices work in New York?

    Going on vacation means preparing your luggage… without forgetting your chargers and electronic devices. I’m telling you in this post how to make all your devices work while in New York !
  • Take a helicopter tour in New York

    A helicopter tour of the city is just fabulous. You really won’t regret it, read this post if you want to know more about visiting New York City from above!
  • Redirection agenda

    There's always something happening in New York City. It's impossible for me to give you an exhaustive list of events, but here you'll find concerts, free events, holiday parade... to spice up your trip!
  • Are you traveling alone to New York City?

    I realize that many people visit NYC alone. In case you want to find other people who are traveling alone to New York, my goal is to make you meet other travelers and share some of your visits or your experiences of the city.
  • Planning group visits to New York

    If you want to travel to New York with a group of people (more than 6), you will need to anticipate almost everything. I will try to give you the best detailed tips for your “before & during’’ trip. The most important thing; define what you want to do, where you want to stay, what you want to visit… Then make your reservations.
  • Frequently asked questions for stressed out parents before traveling to New York

    Recognize that you’re actually stressing out about your upcoming trip to New York? You might wonder how you’re going to find everything you might need for your little one with things like baby food, how to enjoy a rooftop bar with an amazing view and if you should get a New York City Pass for your child? I will try to calm you down and answer all your most frequently asked questions regarding your upcoming trip to NY.
  • How to transfer between JFK airport and Manhattan?

    You have many transportation options to get to Manhattan including: cab, taxi shuttle, bus and subway system.
  • How to transfer from Newark airport to Manhattan?

    You have many transportation options to get to Manhattan including: cab, taxi shuttle, bus and subway system.
  • How to transfer between La Guardia airport (LGA, New York) and Manhattan?

    You have many transportation options to get to Manhattan including: cab, taxi shuttle, bus and subway system.