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A trip through the Brookfield Place mall


Brookfield Place is a complex of several buildings located in the south of Manhattan in Battery Park City. It had to be renovated after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Today the mall looks spectacular and you can enjoy the panorama of New Jersey and the Hudson River from there.

History of Brooklfield Place

The complex was originally named World Financial Center. It was built between 1982 and 1988 by the Argentine architect Cesar Pelli, known for directing the construction of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

The facades of these buildings are very similar but the only difference is the roof:
- One World Financial Center (1986) pyramid with a square base,
- Two World Financial Center (1987): dome,
- Three World Financial Center or American Express Tower (1985): pyramid,
- Four World Financial Center (1986): ziggurat pyramid-style structure,
- The New York Mercantile Exchange Building (1997).
- Winter Garden Atrium (1988) is a pavilion with a large round glass located under the mall.

During the attacks of September 11, the Three World Financial Center was going to collapse and the glass of the Winter Garden was badly damaged. Remodeling the site cost a little over 250 million dollars.

All these buildings are offices that belong to Brooklfield Office Properties (except American Express Tower). The name was changed to Brookfield Place after renewing the site.

They look great from the Observatory of One World Trade Center, you can recognize the buildings by their different roof tops.


What is the main attraction of this place?

Unfortunately if you do not work there, you cannot visit these buildings.
However, I highly recommend that you go to Brooklfield Place, located in the Winter Garden Atrium.


It's a mall with very nice stores.


Brookfield Place NYC 5Brookfield Place NYC 6Brookfield Place NYC 7Brookfield Place NYC 8

You will find several restaurants too.


The Winter Garden Atrium is a place where events and shows are organized. Since its reconstruction and opening in September 11, 2002, there are dance performances, exhibitions and a cinema hall during the TriBeCa Film Festival.


How is the mall?

The main hall of the mall is very impressive, the glass roof is gigantic, and serves as a greenhouse for 16 palm trees.


It is a very bright, and very nice place. From the first floor of the mall you can see the buildings of the World Trade Center, the base of the One World Trade Center Transportation Hub (Oculus) and you can see the fountains of the 9/11 Memorial.


The marble floor and stairs gives the place a luxurious touch, it is truly magnificent.


Brookfield Place NYC 14Brookfield Place NYC 15Brookfield Place NYC 16

There is a large terrace outside, towards North Cove Yacht Harbor. It is a small port for boat cruises.


Brookfield Place NYC 22Brookfield Place NYC 21Brookfield Place NYC 20Brookfield Place NYC 19

Who usually goes to Brookfield Place?

During weekdays at noon, you will see many workers of the area, coming from Wall Street and the Financial District. During the weekend many locals and tourists come to enjoy the view and go shopping.


What is a good tip for this place?

What I liked the most was a children’s sotre called Babesta. They sells many fun items.


Brookfield Place NYC 25Brookfield Place NYC 26Brookfield Place NYC 27Brookfield Place NYC 28
Brookfield Place NYC 29Brookfield Place NYC 30Brookfield Place NYC 31Brookfield Place NYC 32

Another good tip to keep in mind is that the Brookfield Place organizes many events throughout the year including music festivals. I recommend that you sign up for the newsletter of Brookfield Place to have all the information about such events.

Where is Brookfield Place?

Brookfield Place is in Battery Park City, near the World Trade Center.
Address: 230 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10281
Website: www.brookfieldplaceny.com


Feel free to stroll through the commercial center of Brookfield Place. It is very nice and pleasant. It could be perfect for a meal, enjoying the view overlooking the Hudson River and New Jersey.


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