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Burger and Lobster, a really good place to eat lobster in New York


In New York eating lobster is very common, and unlike other places it’s not very expensive!

I have already recommended a few other places to eat lobster but Burger and Lobster is my favorite. There is nothing better than the quality, price, and atmosphere.

History of the Burger and Lobster Restaurant

4 friends created the very first restaurant in 2011 in Mayfair, London. They expanded and opened 10 more locations in London, one in Manchester, one in Bath (England), Cardiff, Stockholm, Dubai, Kuwait City, and now New York in the Flatiron District.

They offer the same thing in every location: a menu with 3 options: lobster; hot-dog with lobster (lobster roll) and a burger.


How is the restaurant decorated and what is the atmosphere like?

The New York location looks very modern and traditional at the same time. The lights look like fishing baskets, the furniture is made out of wood and they have a few red couches. There are plenty of tables and couches, finding a place to sit won't be a problem.


What to eat at Burger and Lobster?

Like I mentioned before there are only three options:
- The lobster is served with French fries and a salad


- The hot-dog named Lobster roll is served with French fries and salad


- And the burger is also served the same way as the other options.


I ordered the lobster, even though I was tempted to order the other plates. I do not regret it, because it was delicious.


How much does it cost?

This restaurant is a very good place to eat in New York! It's not expensive at all, each plate costs $20!


The drinks are at normal price for New York: $12 for a cocktail, $8-$9 for a beer, and $30-$40 for a bottle of wine.
The cocktails are original as you can see here.


Where is Burger and Lobster located?

The restaurant is 4 blocks away from Flatiron Building on 19th street. There's a new location, not so far away from Bryant Park.
- Flatiron: 39 W 19th St, New York
- Bryant Park: 132 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036
Website: www.burgerandlobster.com


I’m guessing you realized I really enjoyed having dinner at this restaurant. The atmosphere, the decorations, the food, it is really good and at a good price. What more can you ask for?


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