Chart House, a restaurant in New Jersey with a nice view over Manhattan (A NYCTT by Olivier)


Olivier and Stephanie, NYCTT community members, share with us their experience at a restaurant in New Jersey: The Chart House.
The restaurant is not in Manhattan, nor in New York City, it is on the other side of the Hudson River, in Weehawken, New Jersey. It offers an amazing view over New York’s skyline.
I want to thank them for sharing with us your experience.
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Guillermo from NYCTT.

Where is Chart House?

We were in New York in March, 22-29. For my wife’s birthday, I was looking for a restaurant with a view over Manhattan and I found the Chart House in New Jersey. It is just right on the the Hudson River.
It is exactly located in Weehawken, Lincoln Harbor Pier D-T.

What can you find in Chart House?

It is a typical American cuisine restaurant.
You can have breakfast but I recommend that you go for diner by 7pm to have a table behind the large window and enjoy the sunset view over NY. Manhattan dresses up with its multiple lights while you’re having a cocktail… Totally magic!
With 2 cocktails, a glass of wine, 1 coke, a bottle of water (San Pellegrino) and the menus, we spent a little bit more than $100.


The entry was a fish soup:


Fish for my wife, and stew for me:


If you wan to check on the restaurant menu:
Lunch: Click here

Dinner: Click here
Happy Hour: Click here

What’s Chart House’s good deal?

You have to be there to enjoy the view over Manhattan.
This is the way it looks from the terrace:


Our table at the large window, it was sadly too cold to have dinner outside.


Decor, vibe and service

It is a classy restaurant, the customers are locals and you will barely see any tourists.
You’ll be in a dimly lit restaurant so you can appreciate Manhattan by night.
The service is pretty good, the waiters are agreeable.


Chart House directions

You can get there by ferry, bus or taxi. If my memory serves me right, it costs around $60 to get there in a cab, but we took the bus 158 in Port Authority and we paid about $25 for the round trip.


Open hours:

-Sundays for brunch: 11am – 2pm.
-Everyday for lunch: 11am – 3pm
-Everyday for dinner: 5pm – 10pm; 5pm – 11pm on Friday and 3pm – 11pm on weekends
-Monday to Friday for happy hour: 4.30pm to 6pm.
For reservations, you can either call or from its website:



Chart House is the ideal restaurant for a romantic dinner. In fact, we saw another customer proposing to his girlfriend.
The view is marvelous.
I hope you can visit this restaurant thanks to our experience, we really liked it .
Olivier and Stephanie.



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Chart House, a restaurant in New Jersey with a nice view over Manhattan (A NYCTT by Olivier)

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