City Co Pilot, a simple solution to leave your luggage in New York


When you get to new york usually one of the first things you want to do is start your vacations by visiting the city and not having to deal with any luggage. Most hotels and apartments in the city wont watch your bags for you when you first get there, and that’s where City Co Pilot comes in. It is a company located in Manhattan and Brooklyn where you can leave your luggage without any worries.

What is City Co Pilot?

City Co Pilot is a small company started by a few friendls. They realized there wasn’t a place in New York where you can leave your bags. In most cases the luggage is usually stored on shelves where anyone can have access to them but in City Co Pilot they’re stored in a private room.



What services do they offer?

They offer 3 different types of services. 2 of them will simplify your stay in New York:

A service for New Yorkers: It is not a service directly aimed at tourists so I do not comment on most. These is the change of keys, cleaning and welcome gifts, you can retrieve your keys there if the apartment owner contacts City Co Pilot.

Holding Packages: This is a good option if you’re like to order things online. Shipping costs can be a lot of money from Europe or Latin America, if you plan to go to New York you can send your items to City Co Pilot and pick them up there when you get to the city.

Holding Luggage: This is the most common service used by tourists; you can leave your luggage there when you first arrive in the city or before leave the city. This is a good option especially if you have to leave your room or apartment early before your flight. They also offer a delivery service for your luggage just in case your not located near the location.


How do these services work?

For holding packages: You must register online with your personal information like your address. Then they will hold your package for you until you go pick it up.

For holding luggage: It’s a lot easier when it comes to luggage you don’t have to register a head of time simply take your luggage in to the location and sign in the moment when you get there. You will get a receipt and a number to present to them when your ready to pick up your bags. If you want to have your bags delivered you must call or email them. (917.797.0835) (

Business hours: Monday through Friday 830h to 20h, Saturday and Sundays 9h to 19h.



Service Costs

The costs for sending packages to City Co Pilot are $5 per package. If you plan on sending a lot of packages you can pay a monthly rate of 14.99. (minimum of 3 months). Most shipping and handling costs are a lot more than $5 in most internet sites.

To hold luggage the rates are: $10 a day for a bigger suitcase, $5 for a backpack. And the deliveries start at $39.


How is the customer service?

There are very professional and safe there. Maggie helped us; she is from California and was very nice and helpful. She explained how everything worked and even recommended some good places to go eat. Later in the day some one else helped us with our bags she was just as nice, we handed her our number and she gave us back our suit cases.



What is a good tip for City Co Pilot?

Besides its good customer service and low rates another thing I liked about it was its location. It’s a block away from the metro station on Delancey St /Essex St. If you’re coming from JFK airport you can take the AirTran and then the subway J or Z.

From Newark, you only have to make one change (line A, C or E to the F line W4 St Washington Sq).

From La Guardia, at the stop Roosevelt Ave Jackson Heights, you must rise to the F line to Delancey St / Essex St. Station

Or if you take a taxi or shuttle it will be a lot easier.


Where is City Co Pilot located?

It is located in the lower east side very close to the metro station.

Address: 166 Allen (between Stanton & Rivington)




This is a good option if you get to the city early and cant store your belongings in the hotel or apartment you are staying at or if you have to leave before your flight. Its affordable and you can also ship your items there and pick them up when your ready.



My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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