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Dinner on a yacht in Manhattan for a romantic night


Have you ever dream on planning a nice romantic dinner with your soul mate on your next trip to New York?
This dining cruise all along the Hudson River will be for sure one of the best moments you can have when visiting New York.

What kind of dinner cruise can you expect?

You can go on a catered cruise for:
- a romantic dinner: A table for 2, and the New York’s magic.
- a dinner with friends (or family): and spend a nice moment.
- a dinner for events (like a wedding). The day we took the cruise, there was a big table with around 15 people, the newly weds, and their guests.


How’s the Dinner?

I am not going to define every single dish we had for dinner, but everything we had was really good. But it is not exceptional either.
The main interest of this dinner is having a good time while enjoying the wonderful view over Manhattan.
Just to give you an idea about the dinner:
-The salmon is good, and plentiful.
-The steak is excellent, with crunchy vegetables and potatoes.
-The chicken: marinated and tasty.
For dessert, the chocolate cake, and the cheesecake were really good.

How’s the service?

There is a lot of people working on the yacht, they are all very nice. They are courteous, and they don’t make you wait for a long time in between 2 dishes.
Everything is done for you to enjoy the cruise.

How is the evening?

The dinner goes for about 3 hours. The yacht departs from Pier 81 (West Manhattan) and goes all the way up to Williamsburg Bridge before going back to Pier 81.
During the night there are 2 distinctive moments:
-The appetizers and dinner in the first 2 hours.
-Party time.

The DJ

It all starts when the yacht gets close to the Statue of Liberty.
They played good music, with very well-known songs. We had fun dancing. The DJ played Funk music, Michael Jackson, Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, also New York, New York by Frank Sinatra… and a lot of contemporary hits.

What’s the best thing to do during this evening on a yacht?

Don’t spend all your night in the restaurant! Go up to the deck to discover NY by night, and enjoy the view on the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island…
You can take amazing pictures as a souvenir.

Which companies offer cruise tours by night?

We took our dinner tour with the company World Yacht, and everything went perfect. But you can choose from a large selection of catered cruises.

Book here

I recommend that you book your dinner as soon as possible.


For a romantic or a fun night with your friends, consider booking for a catered cruise. The view will be amazing!

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