Don’t miss the Top 10 tips to fully enjoy New Year’s Eve in Times Square

Every year in New York, more than 1 million people gather in Times Square to celebrate New Year’s Eve.
Finding the right spot to see the Ball Drop might be difficult, but all you need is a little strategy and organization.
Here is my advice to enjoy a successful New Year’s Eve in Times Square!!

1. Arrive early!

This advice might sound evident, but some people arrive early afternoon and some places are already crowded in mid-day.
Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get back to “your spot” if you need to eat or go to the bathroom, for instance.
The best tip is to be equipped for the day but most importantly: be very patient.

Don’t miss the Top 10 tips to fully enjoy New Year’s Eve in Times Square

2. Use precaution

The Port Authority Bus Terminal is a great place to stop before the long wait in Times Square.
Inside, you’ll find public bathrooms, and food and drinks vendors.
The Port Authority Bus Terminal is located at the intersection of 8th avenue and 42nd street.

3. Be prepared for a long wait

Once, you’ve found your spot in Times Square, be ready to wait until midnight.
The best tip is to have a great breakfast/brunch or a big snack ahead!!
To go through this process smoothly, there are a few rules:
° Dress up accordingly to the weather, which means layers of clothing that you can add as the evening gets colder. May I remind you that you’ll be standing still for long hours?
° Pack some snacks and drinks (alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden in public spaces in the US).
° If you arrive in Times Square at 4 pm, there’s 8 hour wait until midnight.
° Backpacks are usually not allowed. Have a warm coat with a number of pockets. If you happen to get there early, it shouldn’t be an issue unless you walk around with a big suitcase. 🙂

Don’t miss the Top 10 tips to fully enjoy New Year’s Eve in Times Square

4. Be ready to handle the crowd

More than 1 million of people will be sharing the New Year by your side in Times Square.
If you manage to get a great sight of the Ball Drop, there’s a big chance that you’ll be squeezed for long hours until midnight.
And for those who have a crowd phobia, I suggest stepping aside and getting closer to the TKTS booths.
Don’t miss the Top 10 tips to fully enjoy New Year’s Eve in Times Square

5. Be positive and patient

Your feet will be stepped on countless times, taller people will surely obstruct your view, and you’ll be pushed around a little, but in any case, keep your cool and take things lightly before it escalates.
But keep in mind that most people who’ll push you around are tourists and not Americans!!
Please let me know if it’s actually true 🙂
Don’t miss the Top 10 tips to fully enjoy New Year’s Eve in Times Square

6. Each hour, Times Square celebrates New Year’s Eve around the world

To pass time, a small party is organized every hour in Times Square!!!
In fact, every hour, we celebrate a New Year somewhere around the world. Thus, you could also celebrate the new year of your country of origin in New York!!! 🙂

7. Don’t forget to take the weather into consideration

The weather in New York may vary; New Year’s Eve is no exception.
If it rains or the weather is cold, it’s wiser to find a warm and comfortable place.
But don’t forget to wear your hats and gloves, scarves and big socks and I strongly recommend tights or long John’s under your pants.
I think there’s nothing worse than being cold and to keep thinking that there are a couple of more hours to wait!!!
Don’t miss the Top 10 tips to fully enjoy New Year’s Eve in Times Square

8. What’s the best tip to enjoy New Year’s Eve in Times Square?

The best tip is for those who are either wealthy or clever. Let’s see 🙂
The easiest way is to rent a hotel room with a view of Times Square.
No need to wait outside while you can enjoy the festivities quietly from your room!!!
The best is to book your room months in advance with a view of Times Square, of course.
And for those who can afford it, rent a room just for the evening of the 31st of December!!! 🙂

9. Are you up for it or not?

After the number of advice I have just given and you are still pondering whether or not you’d like to attend, there are a number of hotels, restaurants or bars in New York offering great events for New Year’s Eve.
Reservations for any events are a must, take a look at the website or Balldrop.
If you’re not sure about going to Times Square, read my post with some ideas to spend the night in a different way!

Things to do for NYE in NYC

10. The last good tip

If you happen to dine in a restaurant, try a bar or a hotel located in Times Square since there’s a great chance that you will step out just in time to watch the Ball Drop at midnight.
This way, you won’t have to wait endlessly in the cold, reserve your table and enjoy. On the other hand, this option might cost you some $$$ since it’s New Year’s Eve!!
Of course, you have to make some sacrifices one way or the other 🙂 🙂
The most important is to enjoy the night and make good memories of your trip to New York City!
Don’t miss the Top 10 tips to fully enjoy New Year’s Eve in Times Square


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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Don’t miss the Top 10 tips to fully enjoy New Year’s Eve in Times Square

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