Edge, the new Observatory of New York City at Hudson Yards

New York City always amazes us, and so is doing the Edge, its new observatory. It is part of the Hudson Yards complex, a neighborhood west of Manhattan. That’s where The Vessel opened recently, and you can now book your tickets for the Eldge.

What is the Edge?

Announced and expected for months now, Edge is the observatory of the Hudson Yards complex. It culminates at 400 meters of altitude and from there you can enjoy an impressive view over the city of New York thanks to its platform on the 100th floor of the building (304 meters).
You’ll be able to visit it starting on March 11, 2020!

How is the view from the observatory?

Just like the New York Observatories (Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, One World Observatory), you can have a stunning view over New York and its surroundings:
– from inside the building, with a 360 degree view,
– from a terrace that seems hanging from the same building.

This terrace, besides appearing hanging, has a glass floor. So you can “step on the emptiness”, at 100 meters high. I think some of you will be thrilled by the experience!

How much is the admission fee?

The entrance grants you access to the observatory inside the building, to the terrace with its glass floor, a souvenir photograph.

At the moment you can book your visit online:
– $ 36 for adults (13 to 61 years old) instead of $ 38,
– $ 31 for children (6 to 13 years old) instead of $ 33,
– $ 34 for seniors (+ 61 years) instead of $ 36.

You can choose a visit with “flexible” schedule:
– $ 56 for adults (13 to 61 years old) instead of $ 58,
– $ 51 for children (6 to 13 years old) instead of $ 53,
– $ 54 for seniors (+ 61 years) instead of $ 56.
This ticket allows you to arrive at the time you want to visit the observatory.

You can also upgrade your visit with a “champagne admission” or a “premium “admission” (only for +21 visitors).

Book here your visit

It is still too early to know if this visit will be included in every pass to visit New York City, but you can find it on the Citysightseeing Pass.

What can be done near the Edge?

As I said above, the Edge is part of the Hudson Yards complex. There is the Vessel, and you will be near the north entrance of the High Line. Once you finish the tour, you will arrive at Chelsea Market, an ideal place for lunch!

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Where is the Edge?

The entrance to the Edge is located on the 4th floor of the Shop and Restaurants at Hudson Yards.

Website: www.edgenyc.com/


I guess the view from the Edge observatory has to be amazing. Now I really want to discover this new observatory. And you?


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  1. Claudia says:
    Does anyone know a social media page where I can contact them? They don’t answer their phone lines and I have left multiple voicemails with no response.
    Someone please help.
  2. John says:
    Is there a special price for Senior New Yorkers at the Edge?

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