Where are the murals of Eduardo Kobra in New York City?

Alex of BPVNY is a big fan of the Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra, and he wrote this article for us. Kobra returned to New York City in August 2018, and he is painting one mural after another.
I invite you to discover his art in the streets of New York, classified by Alex in chronological order.
Street-art works are for everyone, and they are free. Enjoy them!

Who is Eduardo Kobra?

I have to briefly introduce you to Eduardo Kobra, a native of Sao Paulo (Brazil). He grew up with the American hip-hop culture, as he used to be part of a breakdance crew. This environment led him to specialize in the plastic arts, painting, and graffiti.
He worked in a bank, but he left his job to create his studio in 1995, Studio Kobra.
He developed his style starting with black and white works, and then added colors. His first murals appeared in Brazil in the 2000s. It is when he arrived in New York in 2012 that he gained a lot of popularity thanks to “VJ Day in Times Square” or “Kiss in Times Square” that could be seen from the High Line.

And now? Kobra has created more than 500 works of art in 17 countries, some of which are in New York City.
You can easily recognize his style:
– very realistic images, inspired by photographs and personalities such as Salvador Dalí, David Bowie, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Edith Piaf, Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson…
– gigantic works: his specialty is the murals
– kaleidoscope of colors, predominantly red and yellow,
– works related to societal matters,
– themes that deal with the place where he paints them
I invite you to follow Eduardo Kobra on his official website as well as on his Instagram account where he publishes the creation of his work.

“Fight for Street Art” – Williamsburg

This work is a tribute to 2 artists, Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, plus Michael Halsband who took the pictures of the first two!
Kobra is a fan of the three, and with this work, he pays them homage.

Creation date: October 2014
Address: 147 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

“Ziggy Stardust” – Jersey City

10 months after David Bowie passing, Kobra painted Ziggy Stardust, the famous fictional character created by the singer in the 70’s.

Creation date: November 2016
Address: 837 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

“Black or White” – East Village

In this magnificent mural you can see Michael Jackson as a child and adult. It’s in the East Village.

Creation date: August 2018
Address: 400 E 11th Street, New York

“Tolerance” – Chelsea

Right next to the High Line, Kobra portrayed Gandhi and Mother Teresa, two figures of tolerance.

Creation date: August 2018
Address: 130 10th Ave, New York

“Stop Guns” – Lower East Side

This work calls attention to mass shooting at schools.

Creation date: August 2018
Address: 231 Eldridge Street, New York

“PEACE – Midtown

In Midtown, this work represents the famous American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Creation date: August 2018
Address: 225 E 44th Street, New York

© just_a_spectator

© just_a_spectator

“Frida & Diego” – Prospect Heights

In between two buildings in Brooklyn, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are one person.

Creation date: August 2018
Address: 360 Prospect Place, Brooklyn

“Christ” – Bedford Stuyvesant

This is the representation of the Statue of Christ looking over Rio de Janeiro.

Creation date: September 2018
Address: 833 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn

“The Braves of 9/11” – Midtown East

Kobra painted this mural in honor of the FDNY firefighters who fought and lost their lives during the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Creation date: September 2018
Address: 780 Third Avenue, New York

“Genius is to bike ride” – Midtown East

Kobra is a fan of Albert Einstein. He already did a similar work in Sao Paulo, now another is on the streets of New York. The genie is on a bike with a sign indicating that peace equals squared love.

Creation date: September 2018
Address: 780 Third Avenue, New York

“War is hell” – Williamsburg

In this work, Elvis who appears as a military man with a helmet indicating that “war is hell”.

Creation date: September 2018
Address: 219 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

“We Love NY2” – Chelsea

In this mural he paints Albert Einstein who paints his love for New York (squared of course). Who is the genius now?

Creation date: October 2018
Address: 298-200 W 21st St, New York



“Colors of Liberty” – Lower East Side

The Statue of Liberty according to Kobra, must have many colors.

Creation date: October 2018
Address: 49 Thompson Street, New York

© just_a_spectator

© just_a_spectator

“The 27 Club” – Lower East Side

The club of the 27 are these artists who died too young, at 27 years old. You will recognize Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix y Amy Winehouse.

Creation date: October 2018
Address: 46 Rivington Street, New York

“Stop Wars” – West Village

Kobra denounces war with this mural representing C-3PO of Star Wars, with a sign at hand saying Stop Wars.

Creation date: October 2018
Address: 391 Christopher Street, New York

The map of the murals

With this map, you can locate the works. If you plan to visits these neighborhoods, take a look at the walls!


I hope that this small article makes you want to discover these magnificent works of Kobra. I like them all! What is your favorite?


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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  1. Lisa Beatha says:
    Does anyone know of the Elvis mural is still defaced?
  2. Neil says:
    Hey! This needs an update again. The 27 Club mural is all but gone. There’s another over by the Ellis Island mural, no? Plus, the new ones: World Trade Center and United Nations Building.
  3. josue Caceres says:
    Hey, you missing the biggest one, located on the corner of Houston and Hudson, mural called “Ellis”
    • TeamMemo says:
      Thank you, you’re right! I think I wrote this article before it was made and didn’t update my post.
      Now I don’t want to update the pictures. Sadly most of the murals are covered or partially covered. Some missed the beauty of Kobra’s talent.
  4. Sophie says:
    Thank you for sharing Kobra’ s murals, and especially the map. It was so useful. If there are new Kobra’s murals in the city, feel free to share them.
    • TeamMemo says:
      You’re welcome. Sadly some of them are covered now :/
      • Alexandra Romero says:
        I can’t wait to use this map! I live in S Florida so we have a few Kobra murals of our own. Do you know which ones have been covered up so I don’t lose time trying to see them? Thank you so much again!
        • TeamMemo says:
          Hi Alexandra,

          Yes, I should update the map with new pictures. These are partially covered now:
          – the 27 Club
          – Colors of Liberty.

          Others are “vandalized”, like “We Love NY2”, but still worth the trip 😉
  5. Thefunnyfannyworld says:
    Thank you so much! Amazing article! I will stay 3 days in New York City hope to be able to see all of them
  6. Matteo says:
    Thank you for this article.
    I sadly have to tell you that I visited few days ago the 27club murals and found out that some stupid writer painted on it.
    I can’t understand..
    • TeamMemo says:
      Thank you Matteo,
      I need to update this post, I know that there are more murals today!
      And yes, I’m always saddened when I see that some can’t respect the work of an artist…
  7. filipe says:
    thanks, this is really helpful 😉
  8. Debora says:
    I am a big fan of Eduardo Kobra, thank you for sharing it. I will definitely go visit it.
  9. Claudia Siffert says:
    Dear all,
    Is there any Street art tour that includes some walls from Kobra, please?