Great tips to watch a baseball New York Yankees game at Yankee Stadium

If you’re interested in watching a baseball game in New York then you may want to go to the Yankee Stadium and see the NY Yankees!
Let me give you some recommendations for you to enjoy the game to its fullest.

Where are the best seats?

My philosophy is to get nice seats at a great price because you want to be able to save some money to get some cocktail drinks on rooftop bars or go shopping for the rest of your stay. 🙂

While looking at Yankee Stadium seating chart, look for higher spots since it’s cheaper, especially with section 414 to 418.
As you’ll be seating close to the 1st base where is 80% of the action, you’ll be able to follow the game in the best conditions.
Although, I must admit that this stadium is really fantastic and you’ll be able to see from everywhere!!!!

Great tip for the Yankee Stadium

While on my way, to the Yankee Stadium, I discovered the ultimate good tip!!!
I’m not especially proud of my finding, but obviously everyone seemed to be doing the same thing.
Let me explain it to you:
My friend and I booked seats in the section 416.
As we reached our seats on a sunny Sunday afternoon, we noticed that we were seating on the shade (as seen on picture below).

We quickly realize that seating in this windy spot would be rather hard to bear for 3 hours.
While spotting some empty seats on the sunny side of the stadium, we said to ourselves: ”hey! Let’s move down a bit to get a warmer spot”.
We then proceed to go to sections 326-327 and noticed that security wouldn’t check our tickets to access those seats.
I said to my friends: “ let’s go!! Just pretend you actually have seat in this section”.
And BINGO! No questions asked!!! 🙂
I then decided to sit in an empty row of seats so even if people would come, there would be enough places.
So we were now much closer to the stadium as you can see on the picture below on a sunny spot!!
No more sweaters, let’s hang out in tee-shirts for the rest of the day!! 🙂

My story isn’t finished yet 🙂
As we were watching the game on this sunny day in a better spot, I must admit that I wasn’t feeling totally comfortable and I was saying to myself that the people who made reservation for these seats might show up anytime soon.
After 15 minutes, we finally see a couple approaching us so I quickly asked them if these were their seats.
They simply answered no and said that they were also seating in the shade and wanted to come down a bit to get a sunny spot.
Just like we did!!! 🙂
On one side, I really think that it’s a real great tip that I’ve found but on the other hand I felt a little guilty.< Anyway, the couple we met that day just confirmed that it was simply usual, since everyone do the same thing, so why not?

Then my recommendation is to book cheap seats, then try to find better sections in the stadium.
As a result, we changed seats 2 times in an effort to follow the sun. 🙂

Can you go to any section with this tip?

Unfortunately no!! You can’t just go anywhere you want!!!!
In this stadium, there are 3 main levels.
In the 2 upper levels, security doesn’t ask for your tickets in order to let you pass.
However, in the lower level, they do ask for your ticket so you won’t have the option to enjoy the best view in the stadium.

Another great tip?

Walk around the entire stadium in the lower section. Even if you don’t have a lower level ticket to get in, find a spot by a larger aisle on the section and enjoy amazing views of the game on your way.
I toured the stadium in 10-15 min and I really loved it!!!
If you have a zooming option on your camera and can use it, you can take some really amazing photos, just like these:

Does a baseball game last very long?

It lasts about 3 hours and 30 minutes.
So yes, it’s quite long, but just like any other American games, when the game is paused, there are always other kind of entertainment being played on a giant screen or on the field.

And then, while you are at the stadium, take the time to watch New Yorkers or take some photos 🙂

By the way, how New Yorkers behave at Yankee Stadium?

Just like I said, take the time to observe them during the game!
I noticed that they do spend a lot of time chatting rather than watching the game!!!
I have the impression that they come here to socialize but not necessarily to cheer for the Yankees 🙂

I’m not even going to talk about all the stuff they like to buy!!
This includes: giant drinks, kettel corn, Nathan’s hot dogs and more. They spend a great time eating and drinking 🙂

When is the best time to watch the game: afternoon or evening?

It depends on when you have booked your tickets, the number of days you’re visiting NY and the number of times you’ve visited the city.
Thus, between May and September, you can enjoy a game on a sunny afternoon.
In addition, I think that afternoon and Sunday games are more of a family venue.
If it’s your 1st time in NYC and that you’re only staying less than 7 days, an evening game might be more appropriate since it leaves you time during the day to visit the city and  enjoy a game in the evening.

When is the baseball season?

The MLB season lasts 6 months from April to October each year.
They usually play every 2 to 3 days.
Both teams meet each time 3 times in a row in the same field.

What about the 2nd team in New York, the NY Mets?

Some of my friends might disagree with me but the fact is the NY Mets aren’t that good. The New York Yankees are considered one of the best team in the American league, the MLB.
Since the Yankee Stadium is fairly recent and modern, it’s true to say that the Yankees win this one 😉
But if you want to see the Mets, you’ll spend a very nice moment too and the seats may be cheaper!

New York Yankees

Where can you book your tickets?

You can find your tickets on Tickenetwork

Tickets for the YankeesTickets for the Mets


The Yankee Stadium is designed to welcome 50 291 guests and was inaugurated in April 2009.
Adress: 1 E 161st, Bronx, NY 10451

The Citi Field welcomes 45 000 guests and was inaugurated in November 2006.
Address: 123-01 Roosevelt Ave, New York, NY 11368

What’s the last thing to know before going to the Yankee Stadium?

Don’t forget to bring your Yankees’ cap or tee shirt!!!
If you don’t any have any Yankees’ gear then don’t worry, everything you need is right there 🙂

Some additional photos for you to enjoy

I manage to take continuous shooting mode photos in order to capture all the action.
Really impressive!!!


If you’re travelling to New York City during the baseball season, book your seats and enjoy a game! It’s a an experience you don’t want to miss and it’s affordable 😉


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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Great tips to watch a baseball New York Yankees game at Yankee Stadium

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  1. Kelley Justine says:
    Great tips for our first time baseball game in New York in June this year
  2. Eric Johnson says:
    good advice for a first time visitor. Just a note that lots of people try to move around and nothing wrong with it, particularly as the game gets late. Just be polite when the “real” ticket holders arrive.