How to transfer between JFK airport and Manhattan?

How to transfer between JFK airport and Manhattan?

If you’re landing at JFK airport in New York, a number of transportation options are available to get to your hotel or apartment in Manhattan: take a cab, a shuttle bus, the subway, the bus and the limousine.

The cab remains the easiest way to commute

How to transfer between JFK airport and Manhattan?

It takes you from the airport to your hotel very quickly without having to walk. If you travelling with 2 other people, it’s the cheapest option.
Not an economical option you’re travelling with one companion or alone. There is a $52 flat rate imposed since July 1st 2012 + tips. The cab driver can’t turn on his meter, but you’ll have to pay him $52. On the other hand, if 3 or 4 of you are travelling, they might not accept you in a cab, unless it’s taxi van.


Book a private transportation to Manhattan

While you get our of the airport, several private taxi companies will approach you to offer you their services. You’ve got to be careful since not all of them are reliable

If you want to have a private transportation to your hotel or apartment, I recommend that you book this service with CarmelLimo. It’s a reliable company providing an excellent service and at a good price.

carmel Limo
You may book your taxi before going to New York City. You’ll be sure the taxi will be waiting for you, and this is the best solution to control your budget!

It will be better for you to pay on Internet so you won’t have to pay anything upon your arrival./p>

They have 9 vehicles for 1 to 14 people: sedan, mini-van, SUV, limo.
A private taxi for 1 to 4 people costs from $44, plus $12 for tolls and $7-8 for tips. Around $63 total price.

To take your taxi, you have to get out the airport and go towards the Pick Up Area.

carmel limo 2

Once outside the airport premises, you have to call the company at the phone number they gave you when you booked.

In less than 5 minutes, your taxi will arrive with your name printed on a sign.

carmel limo 3

– It takes you from the airport to your hotel very quickly without having to walk..
– CarmelLimo provides a private service for 1 to 14 people.
– It picks you up on time.
– It’s a great option if your hotel or apartment is in Brooklyn or Queens (Astoria and Long Island City)
It’s not an economical option you’re travelling with one companion or alone..

Click here to book


The Taxi Shuttle allows you to transfer from JFK airport and Manhattan:

The second most practical option is the Taxi Shuttle.

How to transfer between JFK airport and Manhattan?

It takes you from the airport to your hotel without having to walk. The cost is $17 per person.
The only negative part is if you’re the last one to get off out of 7-8 passengers, you’ll reach your destination between 45 min to an hour. On the other hand, you’ll discover the streets of NY which is positive after all 🙂

What you need to know: It’s free for kids under 3

Just like many things, if you want to prepare your trip the best way, book your shuttle right away. Because it’s one thing you won’t have to think twice and this will allow you to save  cash for other expenses. Besides, you won’t have to pay money exchange fees since this reservation is paid in Euros from their website for those who are travelling from Europe.

Click here to book


 AirTrain and subway transfers between JFK airport and Manhattan:

Your 3rd commute option are the Airtrain and the subway.

How to transfer between JFK airport and Manhattan?

The cheapest option, this will cost you around $7.75 (Airtrain fare) + 2,75 (subway fare) and also the fastest in case of traffic on the road.
A little longer than other options, it all depends of your hotel location. Besides, you’ll have to carry your luggage.

If 3 or more are travelling, here’s a great tip:
An AirTrain card is available at $25 for 10 trips and can be used up to 4 people at the same time. So, if 3, 4 or 5 persons are traveling, it’s a great deal. After calculating, this will cost you only $25.
The AirTrain fare changed on November 1st, 2019, and I don’t know yet if the 10-trip card will be replaced but the Unlimited AirTrain Metrocard for unlimited AirTrain rides ($40).

How to transfer between JFK airport and Manhattan?


Bus transfer between JFK airport and Manhattan:

Your 4th solution is the bus from the company NYC Airporter.

How to transfer between JFK airport and Manhattan?

A little less expensive than the Taxi Shuttle since it costs $16 and $30 for a round-trip. Buses run around every 30 minutes.

The company operates between JFK airport and Manhattan will leave you at Grand Central Station or Port Authority Bus Terminal or Penn Station. If your hotel or apartment is located far from these stops then you’ll have to continue the rest of your commute by bus or subway to get there.

Click here to book


What about a limo?

We have negotiated special rates for you to transfer with style from the airport to your hotel/apartment in New York City!

Read my post here


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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  1. Jessica h says:
    Arriving at JFK oct. 1st going from JFK airport to Times Square what is my best option?
    • TeamMemo says:
      It depends on your budget. But, you can do it with public transportation (Airtrain + E train to Port Authority Bus Terminal).
      Or, you can book a private taxi through CarmelLimo. They have competitive rates, a bit above any yellow cab. The advantage is that you won’t have to wait once at the airport, you call CarmelLimo to confirm the picking-up and voilà 😉
  2. Sabrina says:
    Hi Memo, thanks for the great article! If I’m arriving at JFK around 11pm on Friday 11/12 and only have one carry-on bag, what’s the easiest way to get to my friend’s place near Grand Central? I’ve looked at both CarmelLimo and the shuttle, but the quotes were somewhat comparable. Uber/Lyft seem quite a bit more expensive, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable taking public transit as a single female at that hour.
    • TeamMemo says:
      Thank you, Sabrina.

      I think that your best option will be CarmelLimo. The last time I checked rates, Goairlink was more expensive than Carmel. I like Carmel because every time I had to use their services, they were on time and very professional.

      I know that using Uber/Lyft is tempting. But as a regular yellow cab, there could be a lot of people waiting for a ride. Carmel picks you up whenever you call them.
  3. Robert Pacheco says:
    Thx for the info we will be in NYC in late Sept and didn’t know how we were going to get to our hotel from JFK. we’re staying at 200 w 56th and I think we’ll take the the bus shuttle to Grand central. Do you think this is a good option ?
    • TeamMemo says:
      You’re welcome.
      It will be easier for you to take the Airtrain to Jamaica Station and from there, the E train and stop at 7 Ave Station. You will be be two blocks away from your hotel 😉
  4. Lois says:
    Hi Memo. I will be returning to JFK Airport from a brief trip to Las Vegas on Saturday July 31st and would like to take metro north home to Brewster NY, how would I accomplish that?
    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Lois,
      It won’t be an easy task since you may have to take different trains to go from JFK to Grand Central.
      First, you need to take the Airtrain from JFK to Jamaica Station.
      Then you can take the E train to Court Square Station, and get on the 7 train to Grand Central.

      Once in Grand Central Terminal, you can take the MNR Harlem train to Brewster. Here you can check the schedules on Saturdays.
  5. Val says:
    Hi Memo, we’ll arrive at JFK on Dec. 29 and we’ll be staying near Times Square. The route from JFK to Times is clear (airtrain to jamaica-E train-walk), but the question is how can we get to EWR from Times Square on January 1st at 1am?
  6. Luz says:
    Hi, I arrive at JFK on 7/1. We are staying in Times Square. What is the best route to take from airport to hotel in Times Square?
    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Luz,

      The cheapest way is to take the Airtrain to Jamaica Station, from there, take the E Train to Port Authority Bus Terminal. There’s a long tunnel underground that takes you to Times Square, it’s about 5 minutes walk.
      You can also book a private taxi, it will cost about $55 dollars for your trip.
  7. Abdelrahman says:
    i will arrive to jfk on 23 may at 15:00 , i will leave new York on 24 may at 09:00 so i make a reservation in Radisson hotel JFK airport .
    i ask about the best route to leave the airport to the hotel then go to Manhattan and return to the hotel then airport during this time ( need economic and fast ways)
    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Abdelrahman,
      It depends on what you want to see in NYC. The fastest way to go to Manhattan is to take the Airtrain to Sutphin Blvd, then the E Train.
      You can stop at Port Authority Bus Terminal and start a small tour around Midtown.
      If you’d like to visit the South of Manhattan, you can take the Airtrain to Howard Beach and the A train.
  8. Colin Nonas says:
    I am arriving at jfk on 26th Feb and wondered what is the best way to get to The Roosevelt Hotel? Would you recommend the bus transfer and does this need to be booked? Is the bus stop easy to find?
  9. Roma says:

    I’ll arrive on 20th at 9:30 at JFK INTERNATIONAL terminal 1. Please advice in which part of airport I should take shuttle bus from airport to Penn station?
    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Roma,
      You must follow the signs “ground transportation”. There you’ll see an agent, give him/her your reservation confirmation. After a quick check, they call the shuttle buses. You just have to wait until your name or number is called.
  10. Pallavi says:
    If i have a 8 hours layover time at JFk airport, i am travelling to south america. During that 8 hours can i visit 90 Bedford St, New York, NY 10014, just that street? and be back form my next flight, i have transit visa
  11. Steven holden says:
    Hi we are arriving at JFK terminal 7 on Sunday 29th December at around 9pm plus however long it takes to get through customs and travelling to the Bentley hotel in East side Manhatten.
    There will be 3 adults and 3 teenagers (I assume there classed as adults) with 6 suitcases. We also need to return on the 5th January for flight departure of 11 pm. What would be the best option for a private transfer as I think the public transport that late at night may be out of the question.
    Many thanks
    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Steven,
      Yes indeed, the 3 teens will be considered as adults. A private taxi will be your best option to get a car adapted to the number of people travelling, without waiting for too long.
      Count about 2 hours in between the landing and the moment you’ll be out of the airport. You can call the company to confirm the pick up whenever you’re ready for it (it doesn’t matter if you get out earlier).

      For the return trip, leave your hotel not later than 7pm.
  12. Carrie Donovan says:
    Hi, we arrive in New York on December 28th. There are 3 adults and 5 suitcases. I have looked at the airport shuttle which seems good and am trying to get a quote for the Car-mel but do not have my flight number at the moment so it won’t complete the quote. Can you tell me would the cost for this be much different to the airport shuttle? Also I won’t have access to phone the driver as stated on the advert so would it still be possible? Thanks!
    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Carrie,
      You can still get a quote on Carmel, just type any number on the “flight number” section. The most important is to enter the airport, your address in NYC and the number of people and large suitcases.
      Once at the airport, there are several phone booths you can use. Call CarmelLimo for free from one of them 😉
  13. Patrick says:
    Hi Memo,

    coming to NYC with my family mid Oct. 2 adults and 3 boys of 3/5/7. We will have only 3-4 small cabin-baggages on us and need a transfer from JFK to the east village.

    Would like to book a van/SUV or alike, but I am getting confused on all the offerings with a very wide range of prices. Couldn´t we use Uber for this kind of ride? What service would you recommend for our “setting”?

    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Patrick,

      Uber can be an option, however I know that it can be more expensive for a SUV. You can compare the rates with CarmelLimo, they can be very competitive 😉
  14. Mara says:
    Hello, I am planning a trip to NYC between February and March. I will be traveling alone with my 18-year-old daughter and it is the first time I go to NYC. Which transportation from the airport to the hotel do you recommend?
  15. Lisa says:
    Hi, I’m arriving at JFK on the 2nd august at 1.55pm. There is 7 adults with luggage. Could you advise the past transport to get is to edison hotel Manhattan. Thank you
    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Lisa,
      depending on your budget, you can get to your hotel with public transportation (Airtrain + E train), or you can book a private taxi with CarmelLimo. The second option is my favorite, a bit more pricey than public transportation but more convenient.

      You can book a shuttle too, but you’ll spend more money than the private taxi as you’re 7 adults 😉
  16. Mel says:
    Hi is go airlink shuttle reliable! I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews however I’m travelling with one other person me shuttle seems like the best option expense wise. Would you recommend any other service ?
    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Mel,
      You always have to balance the comments on the Internet. In general, people tend to leave bad comments rather than nice comments. I mean, they expect a perfect service, so they don’t take time to say that it was perfect… I don’t say that there’s no problem and shuttles are the best, no, everything can happen.
      You may compare the shuttle rates with a private taxi. It can be very competitive depending on your final destination. Plus, you’ll be the only customer.
  17. Anthony says:
    Hello, wanting to know the most economical way on June 12 for 8 adults from Holiday Inn Express South Conduit Avenue in Jamaica to get into the City (Manhattan) I have never stayed in Jamaica. Our flight leaves the next evening and we have plenty of time on the 12th to visit. Can you recommend most economical transportation and the hours of the service because we might want to stay late in the evening in the city.
  18. Annie says:
    Hi. Party for 5 with approximately 5 luggage and 4 carry ons. Will be arriving to JFK on May 21 2019 12:10 AM to Gallivant Times, and leaving Gallivant Times to JFK on May 25 10:30 AM. I find the prices to be very expensive, so i dont know if i am doing this correctly.
    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Annie,

      I checked with CarmelLimo and I find a one-way service at $70.75 per car. It will be the same rate for the way back to JFK, or $141,50 (plus taxes).

      With Go Airlink, the rate per person is $41,67 for the round trip, or $208.35 (plus taxes).

      When you book on CarmelLimo, you just need to enter the number of pieces of luggage, and not the carry-on.
  19. Nicky Anning says:
    Good Afternoon We are a party of 5 adults with 5 suitcases and arriving on 30 November at 11.30 in the morning and looing to go to West 108th Street, New York, NY 10025, United States with a return on 6 December 2019 flight departing at 20.55 however there will be 6 of us on the return journey can you please advise on what would be our best option. Thanks Nicky
    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Nicky,

      I just checked the rates on the Internet. If you opt for a private transportation with CarmelLimo, you’ll pay $64,75 + $91.75 = $156.50 (plus taxes) for the round trip.

      Go Airlink is a share ride shuttle, and it will cost $38.13 per person (round trip) + $19,31 (your address to JFK only) = (5×38.13) + 19.31 = 209.96 (plus taxes).

      Public transportation is another option, but it can take a while as you have to take the Airtrain to Jamaica Station, from there the E train to Port Authority Bus Terminal, then the A or C train to 110 St and then walk 10 minutes approximately.

  20. Katie says:
    Hi there We are a group of 6 arriving at JFK on 4/7 . I was wondering if you could help with advising the best transfer option to Time Square Your site indicates that an SUV will accommodate all of us but with 6 adults plus luggage we were wondering if booking 2 sedans would be more appropriate. Also, not having flown into the US for a while how much time should be allow to get through customs and collect baggage? I would appreciate your help with this. Many thanks
    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Katie!
      It’s up to you concerning the vehicle. I checked on CarmelLimo and for 6 people/6 pieces of luggage, it will cost $91,75 plus taxes. A full size Sedan for 3 is $46,75 plus taxes. It’s almost the same.
      Their SUV are really large, but it’s true that if you want to avoid “the hustle and bustle” upon arrival, it could be a good idea to get two cars…

      All the procedures at the airport can take 20 minutes to 2 hours (I know I’m not helping you right now…). In general, I book the transportation with a two-hour range. If it takes you less time to get out of the airport, you can always call CarmeLlimo and they’ll give you the service anyway.
  21. katherine Davies says:
    We’re arriving JFK at 1915 after long flight 3 adults & 1 child plus 4 cases looking for best way to get to Millennium Hilton New York One UN Plaza? I’d usually always chose cheapest route but this time I’m looking to make life easier for us all! been advised that it might be best to book ahead to save long Q for yellow cab – any recommendations?
    • TeamMemo says:
      If you want to make it easier, you can already book for a private taxi with CarmelLimo, it will be about $70 (plus taxes). It’s convenient because you don’t have to wait.
  22. Christiane says:
    We will arrive at 3:30 pm at JFK – what way of transportation would you recommend? ( just 2 persons including luggage) Our hotel is located on 41st Street near the UN building.
    Thank you – we are looking forward seeing NYC soon.
    Greeting from Austria
    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Christiane,

      It all depends on your budget. You can easily take the public transportation (Airtrain to Jamaica Station + subway E train to Lexington Ave. You may have to walk around 10 minutes to get to the hotel.

      In between 2 people, you can book a shared shuttle. I like to book a private taxi, I’m the only client, I don’t have to wait for a taxi and I pay in advance. The private taxi fare will be a bit higher thatn the shuttle or yellow cab, but it’s more comfortable too.
  23. Henry Wang says:
    Hi, I’ll be at JFK by 7:30 am and the flight going to Dallas is 6:30 pm. It will be me and other 4 people. What is the best option to Manhattan and suggested time to go back to the airport. The date is 19th Dec. Thanks
    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Henry,
      Sorry for the late answer, I’ve been out on vacation for several days…
      The fastest option to Manhattan (and the cheapest) is to take the Airtrain direction Jamaica and then the E train. You’ll stop at Port Authority Bus Terminal. It takes around an hour to make the transfer.
      You can buy a 10-trip ticket for the Airtrain for 4 people. It will cover the round trip from and to the airport.
      For a national flight, it’s recommended to arrive 3 to 2 hours before the departure to the airport. I think you’ll be on time if you leave Manhattan by 3 – 3:30pm.
  24. Kevin says:
    Hii need to book a pick up from JFK to Ameritania hotel on 54th street and return to Airport for 3 people luggage 3 + maybe 3 hand luggage. Give us cost and if there will be someone at airport with our name sign and also pick up from hotel what is the procedure. Thank you
  25. Gwen says:
    We need airport transfer from Newark International to the Millennium Broardway Hotel, Time Square.
    145 West 44th Street, Time Square, New York, 10036 Return
    Arrival 12.20PM
    2 adults on 22nd Dec 2016

    Return date 28th Dec 2016
    Our flight is at 7 PM
    What time do we have to leave, so we can check in at 5PM
    Shared van

    Can you also give me some information about the train option please
    • TeamMemo says:
      Hi Gwen,

      I’ll recommend that you leave Manhattan by 3.30pm at last. There could be a lot of traffic and leaving earlier can avoid some unnecessary stress.

      If you want to make the transfer by public transportation, you will have to get to Penn Station, take the Amtrak and then the Airtrain. it’s cheaper but a bit complicated if you’re not so familiar with the trains + you have to carry your bags.

      Another solution is CarmelLimo, you can check the rates because it could be the best value (private car and better service). I found $51 for the two of you, one trip with CarmelLimo. With the shared van, one trip for one person costs $19,60.

      Don’t hesitate if you have more questions.
  26. KARMEN says:
    arrival date 11.10.2016.
  27. KARMEN says:

    WE NEED AIRPORT TRANSFER FOR JFK INTERNATIONAL TO Holiday Inn Express Madison Square Garden,
    232 West 29th Street, Chelsea, New York, NY 10001

    ARRIVAL 9:00 PM; 17 PERSON

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