INFO- The Statue of Liberty has reopened on October 12!!!

The statue of Liberty has reopened on October 12

Despite the shutdown which happen on October 1st, the city of New York has find a way with the approval of the state of course to reopen Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty!!!

It’s great news for everyone visiting New York this fall!!! 🙂

To make this happen, the city of New York will have to pay $61 600 per day to finance this reopening. In the mean time, this budget will ensure the staff’s wages being paid.

As a matter of fact, in 2011, Liberty Island received 3,7 millions visitors with a 200 millions dollars in revenue and generates 2000 jobs. It’s a no brainer, the city realized that they were loosing money with tourism and the mayor made a point of that.

This is a great outcome for everyone and a great comfort for the employees.

On the other hand, I really hope that in the coming days a favorable solution will be found regarding the shutdown which I explained in details here.

This reopening is scheduled until October 17th when the day the budget is being voted again.

The city makes an effort to keep Liberty Island open and we’re all hoping for some good news on October 17th 🙂

The statue of Liberty has reopened on October 12


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