NBA Playoffs start April 13, 2019: Book your tickets now!!

NBA Playoffs

 The NBA Playoffs will start on Saturday April 13, 2019!

The New York Knicks ended the season at the 15th spot, last team of the Eastern Conference and won’t compete the playoffs.
However, the Brooklyn Nets will be present thanks to their last results. They ended the season at the 6th spot and are qualified! They’ll most likely meet the Philadelphia 76ers for the first game.

First of all, let me give you a quick introduction on how the playoffs work for those who are not familiar with the tournament. It would be a shame to not understand it and miss a game!!

What are the NBA playoffs?

NBA playoffs consist of 2 phases: the regular season where teams meet few times in a championship divided in 2 conferences: the Western and Eastern conference (where the NY Knicks and BK Nets belong).
At the outcome of the season, the 8th first teams of each conference meet during the playoff phase organized in brackets based on the seeding: 1-8, 2-7, 3-6 and 4-5.

NBA Playoffs

When are the games scheduled for the 2019 playoffs?NBA Playoffs

As you can see on this playoff page the conference is organized as followed: the quarterfinals, the semifinals, the conferences finals and the NBA finals where the Western winning team plays against the Eastern winning team.

This is how the Eastern conference quarterfinals breaks down:
– 1st against 8th of the same conference
– 2nd against 7th of the same conference
– 3rd against 6th of the same conference
– 4th against 5th of the same conference.

 And the Western conference quarterfinals breaks down:
– 1st against 8th of the same conference
– 2nd against 7th of the same conference
– 3rd against 6th of the same conference
– 4th against 5th of the same conference.

When can you see the Brooklyn Nets at home?

The BK Nets finished at the xxx position.

The next games will be public at the end of the regular season (April 10):

Game 1  
Game 2  
Game 3  
Game 4 
Game 5 *
Game 6 *
Game 7 * )

* depending on the previous games
NBA Playoffs

Are the tickets expensive?

You’ll notice that tickets for the NBA playoffs are very pricey.
It’s the most interesting time in NBA due to very high anticipation and where NY supporters are cheering and encouraging their team. As a result, more and more supporters in playoff games decide to dress up in the same color in order to show support for their team.
You should really see this, it’s amazing!!!

NBA Playoffs

Where can you get your tickets?

Just click on the button below!

Purchase here your tickets

I know that seats are expensive but when you’re passionate, money doesn’t matter 🙂 🙂
And if you’re going, don’t forget to get your tee shirt at the NBA store so you could say: “I was there!!!”

NBA Playoffs

What if you can’t get any seats?

If you’re in New York and want to see the game live, go to any sports bar in New York equipped with flat screen TV ‘s and cheer with other fellow Nets supporters.

Smithfield Hall: Nice place, with a lot of tv screens
Address: 138 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001

Beckett’s Bar & Grill: The Sports bar of Financial District
Address: 81 Pearl St. New York, NY 10004

Stout: An Irish restaurant and pub in Midtown
Address: 133 W 33rd St, New York, NY 10003

Nevada Smiths: One of the most famous sports bar in New York City
Address: 100 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003

Slainte: An Irish pub in NoHo.
Address: 304 Bowery, New York, NY 10012

Roebling Sporting Club: The Best Sports bar of Williamsburg.
Address: 225 N 8th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211


Wouldn’t it be fun to go to a NBA Playoff game during your next trip to New York City? It can be expensive but you can always watch the game at a bar! The point is to have fun 😉

NBA Playoffs


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