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The NBA Store of New York City, not only for NBA fans!

You can root for the Knicks, the Nets or any other team in the NBA. If you love the NBA, you have to visit the NBA Store on 5th Avenue!

How is the NBA Store?

The 5th Avenue is famous for its luxurious department stores. NBA Store does not sell suits but it fits perfectly into the fashion avenue, thanks to its modern architecture and classic feature.
The store is about 25.0000 Sq ft or 2300 m2 covering three very well decorated floors.

It's a real basketball temple!

What to find in the store?

You will find a large number of merchandise and objects named after all the NBA teams. You can be a fan of any team and find something you’ll like.
Of course, the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets appear everywhere, but you can find the Golden Warriors or the Chicago Bulls as well.

The women's league, WNBA, has its section, but it is smaller.

If you like goodies, you have to go to the first floor. There are many accessories, they are perfect for a souvenir of your trip to New York.

The section for children and babies is quite wide, also located on the first floor. The bibs are so cute 😉

If you like caps, I guess you have already gone to Lids, but NBA Store also offers a large selection as you can see in the photo.

You can buy original items ... a bit pricey like the statues of your favorite players.

You will find sneakers and apparel

And original t-shirts like those of the vintage brand Mitchell & Ness

You can also find shirts of former NBA players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird or Pat Ewing 😉

What is the good plan of this store?

One might think that there is nothing else but clothes. But no, there are screens at all floors to see what the players post on social networks, see the results of the season, they also organize special events like interviews of famous NBA players.

You can play video games

Create your own Panini stickers

Play and

Compare yourself to the players. Marlene who is part of New York City Travel Tips is about 5.4 ft or 1.65m and does not reach the shoulders of Kristaps Porziņģis 😀

As you can see it is very fun to walk through the sections of this store. You do not have to be a NBA fanatic to enjoy it.

My last recommendation when buying a shirt

The shirts can be expensive (over $ 90), so you can go to the kids section, and buy the bigger size. An XL is perfect for a 1.80m adult;)
Because T-shirts for children cost between 30% and 50% less than adult T-shirts, I say it's a real good deal 😉

Where is the NBA Store?

It is located on 5th Avenue next to the new Adidas store.
Address: 545 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017
Website: www.nbanyc.fanatics.com


The NBA Store is a must-see if you are a basketball fan, and even if you’re not. Well, I think you’re now ready for a basketball game!

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