New Year in New York for sport fans with the Midnight Run !!

Sign up for the Midnight Run to start the year 2022 with good resolutions!!!
Here’s a unique, cheap, and very original way of starting the year 2022 with a program including a dance, a race, a contest, and a costume parade.

What’s the Midnight Run?

The Midnight Run is a race organized by the New York Runner Association every year on December 31st in Central Park.
This 4 miles race starts at midnight and is the occasion to have fun while enjoying the fireworks.

@ NYRR Midnight Run

Who can participate?

The race is open to all and without any restrictions.
If you are traveling during the holidays, then you have to sign up!!
The race is mainly organized to celebrate the New Year authentically and affordably.
The running score doesn’t matter here. The fastest will finish the race in 20 minutes, and those in a festive mood will probably end the race after an hour or so. 🙂
The record is 18 min and 11 seconds for men (Stephen Furst, 2010) and 20 min and 51 seconds for women (Desiree Davila, 2010), but this is all in good spirits and fun!!
In addition to the race, there are many crazy contests to win prizes and have fun all night long.

@ NYRR Midnight Run

How to register?

If your register before December 31st, the fee is $60 for members of the New York Road Runner Association and $70 for non-members (reduced fares available for kids and seniors)…
In addition to participation, the association offers a long-sleeve tee shirt as a souvenir.

Register here

Where is the meeting place?

If you have your tickets, then the meeting spot is located at the Central Park Music kiosk, south of 72nd Street Transverse. It is where you’ll take your place among the other runners.
Keep in mind that before anything, the first step is to find a costume before lining up at the starting block (on 72nd Street Transverse near Cherry Hill).
If you are here to enjoy the race and to bring back some original memories during your trip to New York, I advise you to study the itinerary of the race and find ideal spots to watch the race.

Any prizes to win?

And yes, there are prizes to win!!!
– The 1st man and 1st woman win $500!!! Not bad 🙂
– The 2nd: $300
– The 3rd: $200
– The team consisted of 3 men and the team made up with 3 women arriving first win: $100
– If the winner beat the race record then wins an extra $100 bonus

@ NYRR Midnight Run

What’s the race itinerary?

Starting east, make a left on East Drive and head north. On the first mile, prepare for a small climb up to Cat Hill.
A friendly statue will welcome you a hundred meters away from the 1st mile. The bronze statue represents Fred Lebow, the legendary founder of the New York City Marathon, near East 90th Street.
Continue until you reach the bubbly beverage station, after all, it’s the New Year then head south to the finish line.


After the effort, find comfort around a drink and the feeling that you are starting the New Year actively on the right foot. Don’t forget to share this unique moment with the other participants: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I wish good luck to some of you who dare to participate in this great event !!! Don’t forget to send me some photos of the race and your costumes!!! 🙂

And if you don’t plan on running, you can always check other options to spend the night in New York City: read more here.

New Year’s in New York for sports fan!!


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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New Year in New York for sport fans with the Midnight Run !!

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  1. Wendy says:
    Will the bottom part of Central Park be closed around Sheep Meadow because of this race on New Years Eve?