Where to stay in New York? Find an apartment, a hotel or a hostel


You plan to travel to New York, but still do not know what type of accommodation you might need regarding your budget and the number of people who will be going with you.

It is important to know who will accompany you NYC, services that you want, where to stay in New York and of course your budget.

I would propose certain rules to choose your accommodation in NY, but you need to take into account your tastes and expectations for this trip… and especially your budget.


Different accommodations depending on your trip

If you go to New York with your spouse, or your children or grandparents, do not choose the same type of accommodations. You will always find cheap hotels in New York, or lofts in areas like Soho are much more expensive.

It is likely that for your first trip to New York, one always spends most of the time exploring and not so much in your housing. It serves only for sleeping, bathing and rest between visits to the city. So in my opinion it is not very important to have a hotel with maximum services or the most beautiful sight for a first stay. What is essential is a comfortable bed, clean, a quiet room and accommodation located well in NY.

Each person has their own customs to travel, spend money on the accommodation or save money to spend it on all the events or on a helicopter flight.

It is important to define the type of accommodation that suits you before booking.


The main features of hotels, hostels, apartments and rooms in private houses:


-many services are included in a hotel in New York: groom – service, Concierge, bar, breakfast, game room…

-perfect for a couple because most of the Chambers in New York are double,

-breakfast included in the price,

-the bed and the room are cleaned every day,

-towels are changed every day (but you can ask for them to change them).



-the bathrooms are generally shared with other tourists (4-6 beds),

-the best way to find other travelers,

-difficult to sleep there if you are older than 35, most of the travelers are between 18 and 25 years old.


-they are independent: can do whatever you want whenever you want,

-kitchen: so you do not have to go to a restaurant all the time,

-perfect when traveling with others, as each can sleep in their own room, enjoy time together in the living room.

-Beware of scams that are still very common. You have to find trusted sites and not pay in advance by media type and Western Union. Take your precautions read this article at MPVNY.

-be careful with the law for apartment rental that prohibits renting less than 30 days a person if the owner does not live in the apartment.

-If you fear renting an apartment, do not worry, I have a list of apartments already approved by the community of travelers from NYCTT (read more here).

Accommodation in a private house:

-usually it is economical,

-perfect for finding and talking to local people,

-ideal to discover the habits of New Yorkers,

-hard to find when traveling with more than 2 people,

-fully legal.


The characteristics of each accommodation regarding the number of Travelers:

After having described in brief the different ways to stay in New York, I will try to recommend what would be the best depending on the number of travelers:

1 person: the most economical is the accommodation in a private house or hostel.

2 people: more economically is to find a accommodation in a private house or hostel (if you are under the age of 35), but for your comfort and price is equal, you better go to a hotel.

Traveling with 3-4 people: the best way is a hotel or a shared apartment. If you are a couple traveling with your children, the hotel is the best choice. However if you go out to NYC with another couple or other friends, the apartment will be better.

Traveling with more than 4 people: the apartment is the best choice both in what refers to the price for your comfort. But it has to be a large apartment with several bathrooms. But, it could be a hotel so each person will have a bit of privacy. This is explained in this article.


In which area stay in New York?

It is an important question because it depends on your budget, what is close to activities that can be done in NYC…

To do this, you can check my article in which I give the characteristics of the different districts of the city: read more in NYCTT.


When do I book my accommodations before traveling to NY?

As soon as possible, say as soon as you have booked your flight.

Do not book your hotel and then your flight to find prices, if they change from 2 – 3 days you can find cheaper flights. If you have already booked the hotel, you will not benefit from the best rates for flights…

Also many people often me ask if they can find a hotel soon as they leave the airport. But I do not recommend this because you cannot compare prices and will lose long time between hotels, in addition to loading luggage.

Finally, New York is a heavily visited city, depending on the seasons many hotels no longer have free rooms for those who are seniors… and price.


What web sites I recommend to book accommodations in New York?

You will find on the Internet many sites that allow you to reserve a hotel, an apartment, a room in a house or a shelter.

Now not all are 100% secure and are not always affordable.

So I guarantee you a minimal of problems

Booking an apartment:

These three agencies are the most famous for apartments (click on the logo to access the website)

wimdu-NYCTT house-trip-NYCTT airbnb-NYCTT


Book a hotel or flight with travel agencies:

Online travel agencies often propose good offers and quite practical flight + hotel packages. Compare to find the best price.

booking   easytobook-150x150expedia.com_ flightnetwork-150x150

Book a hotel:

For hotels, my favorite site is, the hotel reviews are real and more reliable than other sites like Trip Advisor.

hostelscom getaroom hotelcombined lastminute

Book a hotel in these hotel chains:

Hotels chains are famous all over the world, and guarantee to have quality service and competent staff.

The chain that I like in New York is Accor.

accorhotel radisson best-western motel6

Book a hostel:

Hostels are very good plans to stay in New York if you don’t want to spend much money on a hotel, or if you like to share some space (kitchen, bathroom, room) with other travelers.

The site that I like the most is Hostelbookers.


If you want to review more reviews of hotels, hostels and apartments you can also review NYCTT dedicated section here.


The ideal trip varies depending on the number of passengers, your age, your budget, how often you travel and the number of times that they have gone to New York.

There are many promotions at web sites, check them often. I try to indicate them here on NYCTT.

If you want to review more reviews of hotels, hostels and apartments you can also review the section of NYCTT.

Compare prices, offers, and services… If you are not sure between several hotels or apartments, do not hesitate to write in the Forum of NYCTT we will help you.



My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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