Where to take the best pictures of New York?

For photography amateurs, New York is the perfect city to take pictures: thanks to its famous skyscrapers, the New York architecture, and the different perspectives of NYC…

In this article, I try to give my best tips to take great photos of New York from different places. I’m not able to indicate all of them but those which draw my attention 馃槈

The view from the streets of New York

It鈥檚 fun to play with the architecture and places of NYC that look like some movies.

A street with a good light, some buildings in perspective and some taxis and you will have a scenery for a perfect picture of New York.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

In fact I recommend that you take a picture from the ground, it will be as original as below, in this Meatpacking District photograph.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

In the streets of New York, the best is to have a wide angle lens, especially when the buildings are very tall or for very wide streets, as in the following picture.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

The view from a building or rooftop

New York is a city well known for its skyscrapers, so if you can take your photos from one of them, you will have some great pictures.

Take your photograph from a bar like the 230 Fifth Rooftop.

The following photos were taken from a balcony of an apartment in Soho:

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

Another photo from a rooftop terrace of a building in which I had rented an apartment:

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

Then there are places that cannot be missed, as the view from the Empire State Building:

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

You can zoom in and take a picture of the Flatiron Building (the triangular building), Madison Square Park (left) and the 230 Fifth Rooftop (bottom right):

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

The view from the Top of the Rock聽is also beautiful, towards the South you can see the Empire State Building and the Financial District:

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

In NYCTT I give recommendations to know when it鈥檚 preferable to visit the ESB and Top of the Rock.

Taking pictures of New York from a boat

To take very nice photos of NYC from a ferry, you must take Circle Line boat tour (included in the New York City Pass). You can also take the ferry to Staten Island, it鈥檚 free 馃槈

It鈥檚 interesting how Manhattan “goes away” slowly, with a different view every 30 seconds … look forward to taking many pictures 馃槈

The evening boat tours are very nice, but to take pictures is more difficult. Indeed, the boat is in motion and it is difficult to take a picture that is not blurry.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

The view from Central Park

In Central Park, I suggest going to five places that have a nice view over the city.

First, go to the Belvedere Castle, where you see the Turtle Pond, the baseball fields, the park tracks …

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

At the Southeast part of the park, there is a rock called “The Roc” from which you can take photos from. I love this photo of Ga毛tan Habrand.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

From The Pond, there is a small lake southeast of the park which is also a very nice place to take pictures. There is a stone bridge, it鈥檚 always beautiful in the winter with snow, in spring or summer with green trees, or in fall with its changing colors.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

The Reservoir is a perfect place to run … but also to take pictures!

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

The Lake is another spot to take photos, because you can see the boats and the buildings of the Upper West Side in the back. You can also have a break in this area for lunch at the Loeb Boathouse 馃槈

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

The view from the High Line

The High Line is a visit that I strongly recommend in NYCTT. It is about 10 meters high so you will have a good perspective of the streets of NY and the surrounding areas.

A perfect spot above the streets of NY, is the one of the following picture:

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

From another perspective, when sittin on the bench:

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

The view from the TKTS steps in Times Square

Times Square is a mythical place in New York.

The best is to sit on the red steps of TKTS, the company that sells tickets for Broadway musicals.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

The view from a helicopter

Photographing New York from a helicopter is one of the most exciting ways to take pictures. The flight over the city itself is a great experience, but above all you鈥檒l have an exceptional view for a picture of New York from the sky. It’s something I highly recommend.

For more information on the different flights, check this article in NYCTT.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

Photographing the LOVE sculpture

– Not available for the moment –
This sculpture was created by the American artist Robert Indiana, it鈥檚 nice and perfect for a picture, especially with your soul mate 馃檪

The sculpture is close to the MoMA.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

The view from the Tudor City Bridge

This bridge is located in Midtown, close to Grand Central. It offers a nice view of the street with the Chrysler Building at聽the bottom right and of Times Square in the back.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

Photographing NYC during the Manhattanhenge

2 times a year, the sun sets right in the middle of the streets of New York. It is a phenomenon that cannot be missed, because it looks amazing.

To see more information, read this post in NYCTT.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

The view from the Apple Store in Grand Central

Grand Central is one of the must-see places in New York. To see the main hall in one photo, you have to go to the Apple Store. Then you can get the large windows, the American flag and people passing through the station in only one pic.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

The view from Brooklyn

The place that draws my attention is Brooklyn with the Brooklyn Brooklyn Heights Promenade: It’s a very nice walk of about 4.5 km with exceptional views of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

This place is easily accessible from Manhattan by subway or walking (F train to York St, then go under the Manhattan bridge, Washington St and voil脿!).

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

You may go by night and by day, but if you have to choose one, I recommend that you go at night: the illuminated panorama looks amazing.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

From Williamsburg, you can take nice pictures, for example near the Flea Market and the ferry landing.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

Or from the rooftop of the Whyte Hotel, The Ides:

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

The view from Queens

If you plan to visit the Queens, I recommend going to Gantry Plaza State Park.

It is a place that gives a nice view of the skyline and of Midtown.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

The view from New Jersey

The walk on the riverbanks of Hoboken and Weehawken are very nice.

From Hoboken:

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

From Weehawken:

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

In fact, I also have a good tip to dinner at a restaurant in New Jersey here in NYCTT.

The view from the crown of the Statue of Liberty

It is one of the most famous landmarks in the world! You can visit the crown (see here) and take a picture like the one below. I also recommend having a wide angle lens if you want to visit to the crown and take pictures from there.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

The photo you can鈥檛 forget to take: New Yorkers taxis

What is more typical than the yellow cabs of New York?

You can take a picture of them from several points of view and play with their speed.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

鈥淪treet Photo鈥 in New York

For those who want to get more original photos with the people of New York, you will see that you will be able to take many portraits.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

If you enjoy these kind of photos, you can buy the book Humans of New York 馃槈

Taking pictures at night in New York

The tripod is mandatory to photograph New York at night.

You can return to the places you liked during the day or go to one of the places that I recommended above.

You may have pictures like below:

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

New york black and white

If you want to get original pictures, put your camera in black and white:

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

Book a photo session in NYC!

Forget about the selfie, if you want a picture of you in New York City, book a photo session with a professional! We have your back with Johnny our photographer. Read more here in NYCTT.


The most important thing to know when taking pictures of New York

Take all the photos you can, you will never regret because then you can delete the one you don鈥檛 like so much.

Try to get unique and original photos and avoid having the same photos that other tourists have.

If you do not have all the necessary equipment, you can rent it at Adorama in NY.

The map of all those locations to take a picture of New York


I hope that now you know where to take your photos once in New york.

I invite you to share your photos with the NYCTT community on Facebook, Twitter, especially if you find other spots or if you聽want to take your photo I Love NYCTT 馃槈


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France鈥 Well, let鈥檚 say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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