Packing tips for your trip to New York City

I want to share a reminder with you, useful when packing you luggage to make sure you do not forget anything before heading to the airport.
First of all, I recommend that you review the baggage allowance on the weight, size and number of bags. It may vary from one airline company to another.
Now let me tell you what you can’t forget! Ready?

What to pack in your carry-on luggage?

Passports: it’s the most important!
– A copy of your ESTA form if the US requires it (see more here)
– Your current visa depending on your nationality,
– A copy of your electronic flight tickets,
– Your vouchers: If you purchased tours or a pass like NY City Pass, NY PASS … the vouchers of your hotel or apartment,
– Your money, do not put money in your checked baggage,
– Your guidebook,
– The address of your hotel or apartment, with a phone number,
– Your laptop,
– Your camera,
– The chargers of your electronic devices. I always have them in my carry-on luggage. If the company loses my checked bags, I can still use my devices when arriving  😉
– A plug adapter, in case you need it,
– Your fragile or valuables personal effects (jewelry, sunglasses …),
– If you need medication, put them in your carry-on luggage, with the prescription of your doctor especially if it is a liquid medicine,
– A toiletry kit with your toothbrush, toothpaste, cream… You can find in-flight toiletries kit in most of grocery stores,
– If you want to sleep on the plane, buy some earplugs and a sleep mask,
– Keep in mind that all of your electronic devices must be fully charged!!
Essential powders (baby formula…), starting June 30, 2018, it must be placed on a receptacle no larger than 12 Oz (300 gr).


My best tip for your hand luggage:

– A power strip: I already told you to purchase a power strip in another NYCTT post. It’s really a good idea because we now travelcarry-on-NYCTT with a camera, a laptop, a mobile phone … If you want to charge at the same time all of your devices, you power strip will be extremely useful! Moreover, you will need just one plug adapter and not one for each device 😉

Extra clothing: it’s useful if your checked baggage get lost at the airport. You can put extra underwear and a shirt in your hand luggage that you may use until they find your luggage.

– A scarf and warm clothing because the air conditioning is very powerful on a plane. It would be a shame to arrive to New York with a cold or a flu.

What to pack in your checked baggage?

– A copy of your passport, airline tickets, vouchers… You never know 😉
Liquids of more than 100 ml,
non-essential powders, it applies to all powdery substances of more than 12 Oz (300 gr).
– Leave space in your luggage, in case you want to bring back some purchases of NY, souvenirs or clothing 😉
Medicine that you may need (paracetamol, vitamins …) and a small “first aid” kit, with bandages, foot cream, sunscreen…
– Obviously pack everything you need to dress according to the season. If traveling during the winter, do not forget scarves, gloves, tights. Take an umbrella when traveling in autumn or spring. If you’re traveling in summer, take light clothing because the weather may be hot at this time.
– For any season, my best advice is to wear sneakers or comfortable shoes.

My best tip for your checked baggage:
If you’re travelling with another person, a good tip is to pack half of your clothes in a luggage and the other half in your partner’s luggage, particularly underwear. Why? If your bag gets lost, you’ll have some clothes in your companion’s luggage!

What to do with your ID, driving license …?

A few days before your departure, I recommend scanning your important documents: passport, credit card number, write down the carry-on-NYCTTnumber to call if you lose your credit card…
New York is a secure city, but you’d rather be safe then sorry.

You can keep copies of these papers and documents on the Internet. I mean, there are now many “places” to save these copies, called Clouds. Google offers this service for example. The best thing is they are free!

For anything that might happen to you during your vacation, or even in your daily life, it is very convenient to have access to your personal documents whenever you need them!
In fact, there are applications for iPhone and Android: D

My last best tip before you travel

You can have up to two hand luggages!
Almost all airlines companies allow one carry-on for a device (laptop, camera), a purse…
So I recommend that you have a large hand luggage (as big as allowed by the airline) and one for your laptop “filled up to the top”! 😀
For example, in my laptop bag, I usually put my guidebooks, identifications, and in my other hand baggage I put my camera, basic clothes and underwear …


I hope that thanks to this reminder you won’t forget anything for your trip to New York City!
Now if you think I forgot something, feel free to tell me 😉


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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Packing tips for your trip to New York City

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  1. Arooj Arshad says:
    I will be travelling to Vancouver from New York through Westjet. Can I take one suitcase of accurate dimensions as a carry on bag and a bag pack as a personal item?