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If you are planning to travel to New York, you will be visiting Hotels, apartments, bars, restaurants, shops… that I don’t know and I don’t have in my blog.
Then the idea is to share your experiences with all the NYCTT community. You can already participate through Facebook, twitter but you can also create you own article for NYCTT.

What is this “share your travel tips” all about?

To share your best experiences of your trip in New York with the NYCTT community, you will have to take photos, write about the place you visit, the atmosphere and the service you had experienced.
Once I receive your email, I will publish your article in New York City Travel Tips.
For example, if Lauren goes to Kool Bloo restaurant in Soho, and she loved that place, she can write an article about it, and call it
The restaurant Kool Bloo in Soho recommended by Lauren.

What are the travel tips you can share?

There’s a lot of things to do in New York City, so there’s a lot of things you can share:
-A restaurant: Brunch, dinner, lunch…
-A bar
-A hotel
-An apartment (rented)
-A shop or store
-A museum or exhibition
-A place or activity for children
-A spot to take photos
-A romantic place
-A club
-Or a unique place to go in NYC…


Watch for articles that already exist!

You have to share with us tips that does not exist already in NYCTT , and prevent having 2, 4 or 5 times the same article like Shake Shack or Yotel Hotel for example.

The goal is to share your trip experience with us, and make bigger our community and things “to do” in New York City.
A lot of people is already asking for hotels, restaurants… and many others went back home telling me about places they loved.
I don’t want to compete with other websites, I am just interested in sharing experiences with each other in a friendly and cordial way.

How to describe your travel tips in NY?

I’m asking you a description, as easy as possible, of your experience in NYC.
Don’t even bother with the format, write your experience in NYC like you’re telling your friends.
Before publishing your article, I may do some changes if necessary (orthography, grammar…).

Sharing your photos

You have to take pictures and transmit your experience so others can do it too.
Try to be in the photo, to show that you were there, the article will look more authentic too.
To send me the photos, make it in a format not to big, 600 px wide will be perfect for the NYCTT.


Would you like to share your experience in New York with us now?

Great! Remember to be as specific as possible, take enough pictures to show correctly the place and make us want to go too.

If your plan in New York is about a restaurant:

-Type of food
-What did you taste and your recommendations
-How is the interior (art, decoration)?
-What is the restaurant atmosphere?
-What kind of customers visits this place? (New Yorkers, youngsters, hipsters…)
-What is or are the best deals of the restaurant?
-How’s the service?
-How much you can spend?

On your photos, don’t forget to take:
-Front of the restaurant
-Served dishes

If your plan in New York is a bar:

-What kind of bar? (pub, jazz, new, rooftop..)
-Does they have snacks or can you eat there?
-What did you drink, any recommendations?
-Bar decoration
-Bar environment, vibe… (New Yorkers, tourists, youngsters…)
-How was the service?
– The bar good deals?
-How much does it cost?

For the photos:
-Front of the bar

If you’re sharing an hotel or any type of housing…

-Describe which type of hotel: (economic, luxury, modern…)
-Services included (pool, spa, Wi-Fi, fitness room, breakfast)
-Hotel decoration and interior
-The room and bed (comfy, clean…)
-What kind of customers goes: (Americans, youngsters, elderly people, families…)
-How was the service?
-Good deals: (price, location, tranquility…)

You’ll need to capture:
-Front of the hotel or apartment
-Interior, bathroom, bedroom…

If you’re sharing a store experience:

-What do they sell (shoes, outfit, food, souvenirs…)?
-What did you buy, and what do you recommend?
-Store decoration and interior
-Store environment
-Customers: New Yorkers, tourists,…
-Store good deals (BOGO’s, discounts…)
-Prices on the items

I will need photos of:
-Front of the store

If you are sharing museums informations, photo hotspots, for kids…

For all these places, the format is the same for text and pics.
-Name of the place
-What you can find
-What you can do
-Decoration, interior or exterior
-What kind of people visits (New Yorkers, tourists…)
-If there are any services
-Ticket prices.

And for the photos:
-The whole place, if there are any objects, items or any particular thing, so the community can understand what is all about.

NY streets-NYCTT-photo

Where to send the email?

You can send it to:

Do you have any questions?

Before your trip to NYC, or before sending me the email with your description(s), photos of your travel tips in New York City you can contact me at any time.
Thank you in advance for sharing your experience with us!


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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