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The Standard, a hotel with design and panoramic view over New York


If you are looking for a hotel in New York, with modern-decor, and with a view over New York; I totally recommend The Standard Hotel in the High Line.

This 4 star Hotel is on the top of the high line, a must-visit area you need to see on your next trip to New York.

How’s The Standard Hotel interior decor?

It has a well-designed deco, modern, with white color elements, wood and large windows to have natural lighting.


What is the particularity of the Standard Hotel?

The large windows!

From your bed and even from your bathroom you can enjoy the view over Manhattan or the Hudson River, it all depends on which side your room is.


However, there are some inconvenient events in this hotel. The enormous windows call the attention of the people walking on the street: Some of them stare at the hotel rooms…

There was some excesses from the hotel customers, walking around the room naked (on purpose) or doing other “stuff” to draw the attention of passersby.

Anyway, don’t worry this kind of situation doesn’t happen every day.


How are the room interiors at the Standard Hotel?

In the Standard Hotel, there are 10 different rooms:

-Standard Queen: 240 sq. feet, queen size bed, a table, a little couch, flat screen TV…


-Standard King: 240 sq. feet with a king size bed, table, a little couch, flat screen TV…


-Deluxe Queen: 230 sq. feet, with a king size bed, a table, a little couch, flat screen TV… (Floors 4 to 17).


-Superior King: 240 sq. feet with a king size bed, a table, a little couch, flat screen TV… (Floors 11 to 17).


-Deluxe King: 270sq feet with a queen size bed, a table, a little couch, flat screen TV, view all over Financial District and the Hudson River.


-Empire Corner King: 340 sq. feet, king size bed, a table, a small couch, a flat screen TV, and view over Midtown.


-Liberty Corner King: 300 sq. feet with a king size bed, a table a small size couch, flat screen TV, and view over Financial District and the Hudson River.


-Hudson Studio: 400 sq. feet, king size bed, a table, a couch, flat screen TV and view over 3 different points.


-Liberty Suite: 575 sq. feet, with a king size, dining room for 6, 1 bedroom, and a bathroom with over NY.


-Empire Suite: 875 sq. feet, King Size bed, 2 living rooms, a dinner table for 4 people, 1 bedroom, and a bathroom with view over NY.



Which customers use The Standard Hotel?

Most of the clients are young, international, when I say young, I mean people between their 30’ s-40, unfortunately not a lot of young people on their 20’s can afford a room at The Standard Hotel.

This is why, there are more couples than families and business people.

How much does a room cost at The Standard Hotel?

The hotel does not have an appropriate name for the prices they have. This is not an economic plan in New York.

The cost averages starts from 290 USD for the Standard Queen, 300 USD for the Standard King, 310 USD for the Superior King, 320 USD for the Deluxe Queen, 370 USD for the Deluxe King, 490 USD for the Empire Corner King and the liberty Corner King, 670 USD for the Hudson Studio, 850 USD for the Liberty Suite and 1210 USD for the Empire Suite…

The first rooms are the cheapest 🙂

This Hotel is something different, thanks to the deco and its panoramic view over NYC. So for your honeymoon or a vacations with your other half, this is the romantic plan.


What does The Standard Hotel offers?

The Hotel is just a Hotel, but they have a mall too.

You will find a restaurant, o coffee-restaurant, 2 bars, nightclub, 1 bar rooftop and a concert hall.

When walking to the Hotel, you will be passing thru the Standard Plaza.

It is a terrace with small tables. You could have something to quench your thirst or have a pizza and other snacks.



In the Hotel’s first floor, there’s a restaurant, The Standard Grill. They propose North American specialties. They cook grilled meat, and seafood.



On the other side, there’s a bar, the Biergarten.

They offer mostly, German beers.

The waiters are dressed with typical German clothes; you could have German beer, pretzels, sausages and play ping pong.



The Biergarten hours of business are; Mondays thru Wednesdays from 4pm to 1am, Thursdays and Fridays from 2pm to 2 am, Saturdays from 12pm to 2am and Sundays from 2pm till 1am.



In the rooftop, you can dance at the nightclub “Le Bain”. During the summer, you can have fun at the pool and eat crepes.

During the day, on the same place there is the Top of the Standard. In the afternoon, you can have a cocktail while listening to jazz, take a sunbath while appreciating the view.




The stairs for the rooftop are art-painted street style.



Below the Rooftop, there are 2 huge rooms: The music hall with a bar where they often organize private concerts. There is also a tea-bar all wood furnished, but you can’t take pictures of this place, so I can’t show you how it looks like… but I guarantee that it is very classy.


At the ground floor of the hotel, there is an area with big couches and Wi-Fi.


What are the good and bad things of The Standard Hotel?

The bad things about the Hotel:

The higher is your room, the worst it is… Let me be clear, remember the nightclub Le Bain is on the top, so you will be disturbed by the music. So the best thing is to be sure to have a room on the firsts floors, but the view won’t be the same. Do what’s better for you.

The good thing:

The longer you stay, the cheaper you pay, and rates go down to around 10%.


Where is The Standard Hotel located?

It is located in the Meatpacking District, on the High Line.

There are many restaurants, nightclubs and designer shops in this area.


Address: 848 Washington St, New York, NY 10014.

Website: http://standardhotels.com/high-line/

There is another Standard Hotel in New York: The East Village Standard, another in Hollywood, one in LA and one more in Miami.

How to make a reservation?

You can make it thru booking.com/standardhotel


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