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Take a helicopter tour in New York

Take a helicopter tour in New York

A helicopter tour of the city is just fabulous.Another good tip for your next trip to New York City!Ā šŸ™‚

Why is it absolutely necessary to fly a helicopter in New York?

And yes I insist, this is a ā€œmustā€!!!:)
No joke, I can confirm that this trip will allow you to enjoy an incredible and magnificent view of Manhattan. Itā€™s even better when you arrive or leave from JFK and Newark airports.

Just one advice: ā€œif you have the budget, just do it!ā€ Itā€™s unique!
I did it many times and I never get tired of it!
Thereā€™s so much to see!

Which helicopter tour company to choose from?

There are a number of companies offering helicopter flights throughout different locations in the city.
Now, be careful in choosing random companies, like I said, this is a real budget, thus it would be a shame to go wherever.
As a result, I especially recommend 2 companies who are working with Citysights

: HeliNY and Liberty Helicopter Tours NYC.
Because these 2 companies are the cheapest on the market, the most pleasant and most importantly, they offer a real guaranty in addition to a customer service which is not negligible!!!

Anyway, the choice is yours however itā€™s true to say that these companies will guaranty a beautiful experience. I did it many times and as a result, I can guaranty it. Tested and approved šŸ™‚

Reserve a flight

Which helicopter tour packages are available?

These companies offer similar flight options:

ADDITIONAL $40.00 per person Heliport fee payable prior to boarding with Liberty Helicopter.

This is what you can see while touring New york in a helicopter:

15 min helicopter flight: Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island & Governors Island, 9/11 Memorial/Freedom Tower & Battery Park, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Times Square, Central Park, Intrepid.

20 min helicopter flight: the same thing plus: Harlem, Columbia University, Yankee Stadium, George Washington Bridge, and moreā€¦.

30 min helicopter flight: the same package as the 20 min flight + the world-famous and colorful Coney Island Beach & Amusement Park, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge & Staten Island and The jaw-dropping Palisades Mountains.

When is the best time of the day to enjoy the helicopter tour?

If I could give you a good tip is trying to book according to your schedule but unfortunately itā€™s not always possible.
However, the best tip is to book a flight in the afternoon around 2 or 3 pm to avoid the front sun exposure especially when taking pictures of New York or the statue of Liberty.

What if it rains the day of your New York helicopter tour?

What you need to know once youā€™ve booked your New York City helicopter tour is that most of the time the company will give you a day of flight but without a specific time.
Therefore, 2 days before the flight, you would have to call the helicopter company in order to get a scheduled appointment for your NYC flight but most importantly, they will tell you if the weather is ideal or not.
If the forecast announces ā€œsunnyā€ weather for your helicopter tour then youā€™re good to go.
If the forecast predicts ā€œaverageā€ weather then you should call 24 hours prior.
And if ā€œrain ā€œis expected, the helicopter company will reschedule a new appointment the following day or few days later depending onĀ  you and the companyā€™s availability. Usually, thereā€™s always a way to make it work.
Finally, if you really experience a rainy week, you need to know that if you reserved with citysights, your flight will be reimbursed even if you didnā€™t flew. However, itā€™s unfortunately not always the case with all these different companies. So, beware of scams...

Have a good flight!

I hope I did manage to convince you whether with pictures or in writing that the helicopter tour is a must!!!
Yes, itā€™s true that itā€™s not cheap but since you donā€™t come to New York every day, I think that you should treat yourself even if you have to eat ramen noodles back home from New York for a month, ā€œDO ITā€!!!!!
On that note, have a nice helicopter tour in New York!!!! šŸ˜‰

Some more pictures:

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