Taste the delicious chocolate of the Mast Brothers in Brooklyn – CLOSED


For your next trip to NYC, if you want to try “the” chocolate that makes New Yorkers go crazy, you will have to go to the Mast Brothers’ store in Brooklyn.

Indeed the Mast brothers, Rick and Michael, managed to create a chocolate that everyone wants to try: D

I’ll give you more information on these brothers and their chocolate in this post… I’m sure you’re already craving for tasting it !!

Who are the Mast Brothers?

Like the vast majority of the inhabitants of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, the Mast Brothers are a bearded and tattooed hipsters, “organic” fans and eco-responsible, and in pursuit of excellence.


What do the Mast Brothers propose?

Rick and Michael are leaders in the “Bean to Bar” movement. They were among the first, to receive 20 tons of cocoa loaded on a sailboat.

While buying a large amount of cocoa, they reduced the frequency of transport. The use of the sailboat allows a reduction of the transportation environmental impact. Finally, buying cocoa directly from the producer ensure a high product quality.


The Mast Brothers are looking for creating a genuine chocolate. The entire manufacturing process is carried on the store in Brooklyn.


At the store, a blackboard lists the 8 stages of making chocolate:

1. The cocoa tree is ready for harvest,

2. Seeds are harvested,

3. Seeds naturally ferment for 3-6 days in wooden boxes covered with banana leaves

4. The seeds are dried under the sun,

5. The seeds are carried to Brooklyn from different parts of the world,

6. The seeds are roasted in ovens,

7. The seeds are ground for 3 days,

8. The chocolate is prepared in tablets and bars.


How’s the store of the Mast Brothers?

The store is in a nice loft in Williamsburg, it responds to the concepts of simplicity, transparency, origin and quality.

Inside you can see the wooden beams, the brick walls and an opening on the factory where the chocolate artisans are working, producing chocolate bars. You’ll be eager to taste the chocolate 😀


No secrets, the Mast Brothers don’t hide anything!!

It’s striking to see the attendees prepare the chocolate, it gives us the impression that we could sit down with them to help them and talk to them. The feeling is very nice and friendly.


What kind of chocolates can be tasted?

In that place, you’ll fell like to try all the chocolates they make.

You must go to that store, because there are several samples to taste and they are delightful… 😛


Some chocolates are a new experience, with original and intense flavors!

I can’t name them all, but you will find:

– Serrano Pepper

– Almond & Sea Salt

– Cocoa Nibs

– Brooklyn Blend

– Maine Sea Salt

– Stumptown Coffee

– Conacado

– Sambirano Valley

– Belize

– Moho River, Papua New Guinea,

Beside each flavor, a small sign explains the origin of the chocolate and its contents.


What is the particularity of the packaging of the Mast Brothers chocolate bars?

The chocolate bars packing respect the spirit of the Mast Brothers: elegance, simplicity and eco-responsibility.

They are made of recycled paper, with a simple and elegant presentation at once.

All tablets are packaged by hand by workers, there are no machines to wrap the bars.


How costly are the Mast Brothers chocolate bars?

The bars are quite expensive, but everything is handmade

The chocolate bar costs 7 € and the pack of three $20.


What else can you taste?

They also have several chocolate desserts: cookies, chocolates, brownies, cupcakes and cakes.



111 N 3rd St New York, NY 11211, USA.


Where else can you find Mast Brothers chocolate bars?

In New York, in almost every trendy café, as the Blue Bottle Coffee Bar, but also the hip stores of NY, London, Paris …

Many stylish and modern places sell their products.


 A video introducing the Mast Brothers

 Is it a good idea to go to the Mast Brothers store?

 Only if you like chocolate.

It’s a real good thing to do in New York … or more specifically in Brooklyn: D

Other pictures: 

mast-brothers-brooklyn-NYCTT  mast-brothers-brooklyn-NYCTT  mast-brothers-brooklyn-NYCTT  mast-brothers-brooklyn-NYCTT  mast-brothers-brooklyn-NYCTT  mast-brothers-brooklyn-NYCTT


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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Taste the delicious chocolate of the Mast Brothers in Brooklyn - CLOSED

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