Savor a delicious cocktail in New York City at The Rum House

The Rum House is a bar dedicated to preparing cocktails with … whiskey! Hahaha, just kidding! No, as you can imagine, rum is its specialty. Who’s thirsty?

How is the Rum House?

The bar is part of the Edison hotel, very close to Times Square. The atmosphere is uncommon. It seems to be from another century with its dim light, a large bar on the right, a piano and some small tables in the background, with leather benches.

The barmen are dressed in white shirt, tie and black vest.
The walls are covered with wooden furniture, huge mirrors and thick red curtains. I felt like everyone was smoking cigars in a corner, and no.

What is the specialty of the bar?

The cocktails with rum. This place is considered one of the best in New York. They prepare classics like Mojitos and Daiquiris, and they have house cocktails like The Big Apple.
They carefully select the rums to obtain a perfect combination of flavors. If you do not like mixed drinks, you can order a glass of pure liquor.
If you prefer other types of alcohol, you can order bourbon drinks like the Boulevardier, or a Moscow Mule with vodka. They also have wines and beers.

Do they serve food?

Yes, however it’s mainly snacks to share and basic sandwiches. As it’s not a restaurant, only 21+ can go.

Is it expensive?

Yes and no. Let’s say that the price of a cocktail is within the average for New York, between $ 15 and $ 17. It is the same for a glass, except for the rums of the Premium Rhum list. It is a superior category with rates between $ 22 and $ 150.

What is the good tip of the Rum House?

Apart from the quality of the drinks, I recommend you check the calendar of events because there are often jazz concerts. I was unlucky on the night of my visit. I wanted to see someone play this piano.
Take advantage of the happy hour every day from noon to 6 pm. The beer costs $ 5, the glass of wine $ 10, and the rum punch and daiquiri $ 10.

Where is the bar?

It is very close to Times Square, in the theater district of Broadway.
Address: 228 West 47th Street, New York, NY 10036


Before or after a show on Broadway, you could go for a cocktail in this bar with a warm atmosphere. It will be a delight for rum enthusiasts, ideal to have a good time.


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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Savor a delicious cocktail in New York City at The Rum House

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