The Vessel, a new observatory in New York City – Temporarily Cosed

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New York City is in constant development, such as the Hudson Yards neighborhood. Of all the constructions underway in the area, The Vessel promises to offer a magnificent view over Manhattan.
The good news? You can already book your visit!

The Vessel closed its doors for an undetermined time as of January 13, 2021.

What is The Vessel?

Designed by architect Thomas Heatherwick, The Vessel is between a sculpture and a building. It is a gigantic 15-story staircase with 2500 steps. The 154 stairs are entangled as a labyrinth and connected in a certain way.

Before reaching the highest point of the construction, you can rest on one of the 80 landings from where you can enjoy New York City from different points of view. At the top of the construction, the view is breathtaking over Manhattan and the Hudson River.
There is an elevator for everyone to be able to visit this place.

© Forbes Massie

How to book the visit?

The good news is that access to The Vessel is free. However, a ticket is needed to enter. It allows to manage the flow of visitors and avoid congestion.
So you need to select a day and an hour for your visit to The Vessel.

You can also get a ticket at one of the kiosks on the plaza or from an Experience Ambassador when you arrive. .

Book here

Then, the use the “PublicVessel” code.

Please note: a large number of tickets had been given away already. For some of you, the code may not work. More tickets will be available soon, check everyday.

© Forbes Massie

Where is The Vessel?

The Vessel is in Hudson Yards, between Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea. Hudson Yards is a neighborhood that has changed a lot in recent years and will be a must-see area of the city with new buildings, shopping centers …

If you plan to walk the High Line, you cannot miss The Vessel or the changes in the neighborhood.
The whole project will be completed in 2024. For now, only the 10 Hudson Yards tower is open, mostly occupied by offices (L’Oréal).


The skyline of New York City is changing in the west of Manhattan. It can already be seen from the Empire State Building or the Top of the Rock.
The Vessel will become the new “must” during your trip to New York City. I can’t wait to go and tell you more about it!


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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