Top free outdoor Pools in New York


Summers are often scorching hot in New York so it’s always great to cool off by a pool!

New York is home to a number of great pools located in the 5 boroughs. Here is a non-exhaustive list of public pools that will welcome you for free starting June to September.

These outdoor pools offers services including food vendors, barbecue areas, skate parks and other sports area (baseball, handball, soccer, tennis, football and more).

This is a great option if you’re looking to cool down with the company of friends or family 🙂

Please note:

Due to the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, only 15 pools will re-open for the summer 2020 season with reduced capacity. City pools will re-open in two phases on July 24 and on August 1, and will operate through September 7.

Here’s what you need to know to prepare:

15 of New York City’s public pools will re-open for swimming on July 24 and August 1, as follows:
Open July 24: Bronx: Mullaly Pool; Brooklyn: Kosciuszko Pool, Sunset Pool; Manhattan: Wagner Pool; Queens: Liberty Pool, Fisher Pool; Staten Island: Lyons Pool, Tottenville Pool
Open August 1: Bronx: Crotona Pool, Haffen Pool; Brooklyn: Betsy Head Pool; Manhattan: Jackie Robinson Pool, Marcus Garvey Pool; Queens: Astoria Pool
Open TBD: Manhattan: Hamilton Fish Pool
Pool hours will remain the same: 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Sessions may be split further at the discretion of the pool managers to accommodate more patrons.
All pool patrons will be required to wear a face-covering to enter the pool facility. Face coverings must be worn in locker rooms, bathrooms, and on the pool deck. They are not to be worn in the water.
Please maintain at least six feet of social distance, except between members of the same household. If a pool reaches capacity, we may provide patrons with a time of day to return to the line.
During general swim hours, aquatic programs including Lap Swim, Learn to Swim, Senior Splash & Swim, and Water Exercise classes have been cancelled for the summer.
If you are sick, stay home. While outside, please wash your hands frequently, cover your coughs and sneezes, and avoid touching your face..

Free outdoor Pools in Manhattan

Dry Dock

This pool in East Village is an ideal place for kids since there’s a kiddy pool and a number of children games.
Address: 408 E. 10th St (bet Ave C & D)
Size of the pool: 22m x 18m x 0.91m
The pool includes a wheelchair accessible ramp or lift: yes
Amenities: kiddy pool, showers, free swimming lessons, basketball court, playground.
More information:


Hamilton Fish Recreation Center

During summertime, the pool is extremely popular and sometimes it’s often difficult to find enough room to swim since it’s crowded but on the other hand, it’s a great place just to cool off in the water.
Address: 128 Pitt St. between Stanton and Houston
Size of the pool: 50m x 30m x 1.06m
The pool includes a wheelchair accessible ramp or lift: yes
Amenities: Showers, lifeguard on duty, free swimming lessons, kiddy pool, basketball court, and playground.
More information:


Vesuvio Playground Pool

This outdoor pool is rather small and shallow, it’s ideal for kids.
Address: Thompson Street entre Spring y Prince Streets
Size of the pool: 12m x 6m x 0.91m
The pool includes a wheelchair accessible ramp or lift: yes
Amenities: Showers, Lifeguards on duty, basketball court, Ping-Pong tables and playgrounds.
More information:


Tompkins Square Mini Pool

Located in East Village, this outdoor pool isn’t deep (1 m) which is perfect for kids.
Address: Ave. A between E. 7th & E. 10th Streets
Size of the pool: 12m x 6m x 0.91m
The pool includes a wheelchair accessible ramp or lift: No
Amenities: howers, Lifeguards on duty, basketball courts, Ping-Pong tables, playgrounds and Wi-Fi.
More information:


Tony Dapolito Recreation Center – Carmine Street Pool

It’s a decent size pool. In 1987, Keith Haring created a mural art piece inside the facilities.
Address: Clarkson St. and Seventh Ave. South
Prix: Gratuito
Size of the pool: 30m x 15m x 2.74m
The pool includes a wheelchair accessible ramp or lift : yes
Amenities: Showers, running tracks and volley ball court.
More information:


  All the outdoor pools in Manhattan

Abe Lincoln Pool – 5th Avenue & E. 135th Street
Asser Levy Pool – Asser Levy Place and E. 23rd Street
Frederick Douglass Pool – Amsterdam Ave. between 100th & 102nd Streets
Highbridge Pool – Amsterdam Ave. and W. 173rd Street
Jackie Robinson Pool – Bradhurst Avenue and W. 146th Street
John Jay Pool – East of York Avenue on 77th St.
Lasker Pool – 110th Street & Lenox Avenue
Marcus Garvey Pool – 124th Street and Fifth Avenue
Sheltering Arms Pool – W. 129th Street and Amsterdam Ave.
Thomas Jefferson Pool – E. 112th Street and First Avenue
Wagner Pool – E. 124th Street between First and Second

Free outdoor Pools in Queens

Astoria Park Pool

This outdoor public pool located in Queens is the largest in NYC measuring 100m in length and 50m in width. You’ll enjoy amazing views on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.

Address: 19th Street and 23rd Drive
Size of the pool: 100m x 50m x 1,21m
The pool includes a wheelchair accessible ramp or lift: yes
Amenities: Showers, food vendors, Skate Park, tennis court, running tracks, Wi-Fi and dogs allowed.
More information:


  All the outdoor pools in Queens

Fisher Pool – 99th Street and 32nd Avenue
Fort Totten Pool – 338 Story Avenue
Liberty Pool – 173rd Street and 106th Avenue
Marie Curie Park Pool – 211th Street & 46th Avenue
PS 186 Playground Pool – Little Neck Parkway & 72nd Avenue
Windmuller Pool – 54th Street & 39th Road

Free outdoor Pools in Brooklyn

Red Hook Pool

Es una de las más grandes porque mide 100 metros de largo por 40 metros de ancho.
Horarios:  abierta de las 11h00 a las 15h00 y de las 16h00 a las 19h00.
Address: Bay and Henry Streets
Size of the pool: 100m x 40m x 1,21m
The pool includes a wheelchair accessible ramp or lift: yes
Amenities: Showers, food vendors, tennis court, running tracks, Wi-Fi, barbecue, Basketball court, handball and playgrounds…
More information:


McCarren Park Pool

The pool has a capacity of up to 1500 people.
Address: Lorimer Street between Bayard Street and Driggs Avenue
Size of the pool: 100 m x 46 m x 1.40m
The pool includes a wheelchair accessible ramp or lift: yes
Amenities: Showers, food vendors, Skate Park, tennis court, soccer, handball, football, running tracks, Wi-Fi and dogs are allowed.
More information:


  All the outdoor pools in Brooklyn

Betsy Head Pool – Boyland, Livonia and Dumont Avenues
Brooklyn Bridge Park Pop-Up Pool – Pier 2
Bushwick Pool – Humboldt Street, Flushing & Bushwick Avenues
Commodore Barry Pool – Flushing and Park Avenues, Navy and North Elliot Streets
David Fox/PS 251 Pool – E. 54th Street & Avenue H
Douglas and DeGraw Pool – Third Avenue and Nevins Street
Glenwood Houses Pool – Farragut Road & Ralph Avenue
Howard Pool – Glenmore and Mother Gaston Blvd., East New York Avenue
JHS 57/HS 26 Pool – 729 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn
Kosciuszko Pool – Marcy Avenue between DeKalb Avenue & Kosciuszko Street
Lindower Park Pool – E. 60th St, Mill Rd. & Strickland Avenue
PS 20 Playground Pool – Between Clermont Ave. & Adelphi St.
Sunset Park Pool – Seventh Avenue between 41st and 44th Streets

Free outdoor Pools in Bronx

Crotona Pool

This public outdoor pool located in the Bronx close to the Indian Lake
Address: 173rd Street and Fulton Avenue
Size of the pool: 100 m x 36 m x 1.21 m
The pool includes a wheelchair accessible ramp or lift: yes
Amenities: Showers, food vendors, barbecue, tennis court, baseball, handball, playgrounds, Wi-Fi…
More information:


  All the outdoor pools in Bronx

Bronx River Playground Pool – E. 174th Street & Bronx River Avenue
Claremont Pool – 170th Street and Clay Avenue
Edenwald Houses Pool – Schieffelin Avenue & E. 229th Street
Floating Pool – Tiffany Street & Viele Avenue
Haffen Pool – Ely and Burke Avenues
Mapes Pool – E. 180th Street between Mapes & Prospect Avenues
Mullaly Pool – E. 164th St. bet. Jerome & River Aves.
Van Cortlandt Pool – W. 242nd St. and Broadway

Map with all the pools


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