What are the best locations to see the New York City Marathon 2022?

On November 6, thousands of runners will take on the streets of New York for the annual New York City Marathon, one of the most important races in the world mostly due to its popularity and the high number of runner participation. But in order to prepare for this race properly, I will help you find the best locations to watch the New York City Marathon!!!

The “New York City Marathon” was born in 1970 and is currently part of the World Marathon Majors which include Berlin, London, Chicago, and Boston. In 1970, the marathon started with 127 participants only, the 2013 edition registered 42 000 applications which means hundreds of thousands of people on the streets!!!

For this exceptional event, it’s also important for spectators to prepare ahead in order to get the best view in key locations and get a chance to watch the race. If you’re a runner, I give you some tips here in NYCTT to register to the marathon.

It’s a really cool thing to be able to watch the marathon but the main question is “where can I get the best view to watch the marathon?”
What is best: the beginning of the course, the middle, or the end?
I recommend 5 key locations to watch the NYC marathon to answer your questions.
Of course, you also have other choices on the 26 miles (42, 195 km) marathon route, but here are the 5 major cool and unique spots!!!

1st spot: mile 2- 92nd Street and Gowanus Expressway, Brooklyn

It’s basically the beginning of the race and a chance to see the impressive mass of runners. This is not the quietest spot but don’t hesitate to make your way closer to the action. The advantage is that you can move around in order to watch the race further down.

What are the best locations to see the New York City Marathon?

2nd spot: 8 mile – Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn

If you want to avoid the crowd, another option is to try the Brooklyn Academy of Music location where things are much quieter. The 3 first waves of runners (divided at the beginning of the race to avoid congestion) come together at miles 8.

What are the best locations to see the New York City Marathon?

3rd spot: Mile 14: Vernon Blvd and Jackson Avenue, Queens

After crossing the Pulaski Bridge, the marathon heads to Long Island City/ Hunters Point, this is the mid-race. The route goes toward Vernon Boulevard and the Queensboro Bridge. This quiet residential neighborhood offers a nice view without any barricades in order to cheer the runner passing by.

 What are the best locations to see the New York City Marathon?

4th spot: Mile 20-138th Street, Bronx

After coming from the Bronx to Manhattan, a hill awaits the runners, aka “the wall” because it’s usually here where a number of runners give up, and try to find a spot on that hill. The last 6 miles are the hardest part of the race for many.

What are the best locations to see the New York City Marathon?

5th spot: Mile 25 to 26,2 south of Central Park, Manhattan

If you have to pick one place to watch the New York Marathon, you must head to Central Park to watch the finish line. The hills and the last 3 miles at the finish line are cheered by thousands of spectators. The atmosphere alone is worth watching the race ends at a quarter of a mile on a hill.

What are the best locations to see the New York City Marathon?

Here’s a map of the 2022 New York Marathon:

For more info:

If you want more details, you can also check:

The official website The Marathon Facebook page

Will you be in New York on November, 6,  and not sure whether or not you want to see the NY Marathon?

To convince the last remaining skeptical about this great New York experience, here’s an amazing video (from ToKeepAndBear) from a 2011 edition participant.
A must-watch!!!!


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