NY Waterway, NY Water TAXI and NYC Ferry: a fun way to visit Manhattan!

When traveling to New York, we use the subway and taxi a few times, but we rarely think about using boats to get from one place to another. Cruises take you to the Statue of Liberty, for example, and New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and even Governors Island.
These are the NY Waterway, NY Water Taxi, and NYC Ferry!!!

I’ll describe the different ferry services, so you’ll know which one to take, where, and how.

The NY Waterway?

It is a kind of floating bus that moves from one point to another.
It navigates on the Hudson River connecting Manhattan to New Jersey (NJ =)
IN fact, the NY Waterway’s primary function is to help local residents from New Jersey commute to New York.


Where are the terminals?
The NY Waterway “Hudson River Ferry” includes ten terminals in New Jersey and three terminals in Manhattan:


What are the rates for the NY Waterway and how to get tickets?
Rates vary depending on location and destination.
Therefore, the NY Waterway Ferry Hudson River costs:
– $4 for children and $8 for an adult for a ride between Manhattan (39th Street) and Paulus Hook.
– $6 for children and $9 for an adult for a ride between Manhattan (39th Street) and Hoboken or Weehawken.
There are different rates, so the best thing to do is to check on the website:

Tickets can be purchased either online, at a kiosk, at vending machines available at the landings.


Hours of operation
Given that there are many terminals, schedules are very different.
For the nearest locations like Midtown / 39th St. and Hoboken / 14th St., boats run every 20 minutes between 10:50 p.m. 6:10 ET.
For more distant locations like Belford, ferries depart from 6.30 to 9.30 but only return five times a day from 14:30 to 18.45.

For the NY Waterway Ferry Hudson River, you would have to look up the timetable on the website or app “NY Waterway“.


The NY Water Taxi

It is a boat that connect many parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, it’s mainly used by tourists.


Where are the terminals?
The NY Water Taxi has four terminals:
– 3 in Manhattan: Midtown 42nd St, Downtown Battery Park, and South Street Seaport
– 1 in Brooklyn: DUMBO. (Red Hook and DUMBO in Brooklyn Bridge Park)
+ the Ikea Ferry from Pier 11 (Manhattan) to Ikea Brooklyn

What are the rates of the NY Water Taxi and how to get tickets?
The pricing for the water taxi is a little simpler because it’s sold as a daily pass. It’s $ 31 for an adult and $ 19 for children.
You can book your tickets today online (try the coupon “save10”).


Hours of operation
Since this ferry is mainly for tourists, it operates between 10 and 6:10 p.m. (click on images below.)

The NYC Ferry

NYC Ferry is the most recent ferry company (May 2017) operated by Hornblowers’ yachts and ferries. Hornblower is the company that already offers dining cruises and classic tours (Statue Cruises and Alcatraz Cruises).

Where are the terminals?
The NYC Ferry provides seven routes, mainly on the East River:
– RW (Rockaway): Rockaway, Sunset Park, Wall Street Pier 11.
– SB (South Brooklyn): Corlears Hook, DUMBO, Wall Street Pier 11, Atlantic Avenue, Red Hook, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge.
– SV (Soundview): Soundview, East 90th St, East 34nd St, Stuyvesant Cove, Wall St Pier 11.
– AST (Astoria): East 90th St, Astoria, Roosevelt Island, Long Island City, East 34th St, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Wall St Pier 11.
– ER (East River): Hunters Point South, East 34th St, Greenpoint, North Williamsburg, South Williamsburg, DUMBO, Wall St Pier 11.
– SG: St George (Staten Island), Battery Park City, Midtown West Pier 79.
– GI: Governors Island, Wall Street Pier 1 (summer service).

What are the rates of the NYC Ferry and how to get tickets?
NYC Ferry Provides affordable transit for daily commuters and tourists:
– $2.75 for an adult one-way (free for children under the height of 44 inches or 1.11m)
– $1 if you bring your bike
– $121 for a 30-day adult pass
– $141 for a 30-day adult pass with a bike.

To buy a ticket you can download the NYC Ferry App, ask a ticket agent, use the ticket vending machines at the landings or through the official website.

What are the hours of operation for the NYC Ferry?
Likewise, the NY Waterway schedules depend on the routes. The lines departing from Manhattan to the nearest locations start by 6.30 am, with boats running every 20 to 30 minutes.
If you want to take the Rockaway route, the first ferry departs at 5.30 am, and then every hour till 9.30 pm.

Map of all the terminals

On this map you can locate the different terminals:

How are they a good travel tip to visit New York City?

In addition of being confortable, you have different destinations available with these three types of ferries.

Here are some tips you should know:
– If you want to visit Red Hook in Brooklyn, the NY Water Taxi will ultimately be the fastest transport if you leave southern Manhattan. The metro doesn’t go to this neighborhood. Afterward, you need to take the subway to Downtown Brooklyn and take the bus (with the B57 or B61 lines).
– You can also take the NYC Ferry. It lands at Red Hook but a different landing!


– To enjoy dazzling views, the NYC Ferry is just awesome. Here are the views of Midtown and the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the United Nations.



– To pass by the Statue of Liberty without going on Liberty Island and without taking the Staten Island Ferry, you can take the NY Water Taxi towards Red Hook from Pier 79 W39th St.


– The NYC Ferry also goes up to Governors Island from May to September. On this island you can relax, have a picnic, rest on the beach, there are festivals, you can visit the castle, play mini-golf, go biking, there are endless activities…


– If you plan to be in New York for several months (or years), you can go shopping at IKEA. The NY Water Taxi can get you there from Pier 11 for $ 5 or free during weekends!


Conclusion: what is the most interesting ferry?

I will not say there is a ferry more interesting than another because it really depends on what you want to do and where you want to go.
If you want to make several trips in one day, then the NY Water Taxi will be OK thanks to its daily pass (see here).
On the other hand, the NYC Ferry is perfect if you want to get from point A to point B!
Whatever happens, now it’s up to you. 🙂
One thing is sure, it’s nice to navigate on the Hudson River or the East River, and it allows you to see New York from a different perspective!!!



My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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  1. Clytia Manning says:
    I would like to take a ferry from Yonkers to Manhattan.
    Is there a way to.
  2. Stephen jamieson says:
    Do you any ferry going to citi field for mets home games
  3. Lori Grabowski says:
    Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to help all of us out with our questions!

    I live at West 42nd and 10th. I know a few years ago I was on one of the water taxis that first stopped at battery Park, then continued on to South St., Seaport (or close proximity – maybe Wall st.?). I can’t WAIT (hope) for the Westside to get more of the actual NY Ferry service / routes – other than only having the one to Staten Island!

    Anyway, my question is… And I’ve just checked that the New York waterway does not have a route that leaves from the west side to lower Manhattan. It appears to only go to New Jersey, etc., so now I’m going to check the remaining water taxi service which I believe is the New York water taxi, to see if that is the one that will take me down to Wall Street. I really didn’t need to ask you this question as I’m about to check that schedule, but I love that you are such a wealth of knowledge and I thought I would reach out to you regarding it nonetheless!

    I do know that the New York waterway has the IKEA ferry that leaves from 39th and stops at Wall Street and then continues on to red Hook, but since that is only available on the weekends, I need to find the other water taxi service that will take me to wall Street/ South St., Seaport during the week from West Midtown. It’s amazing how many options the NY Ferry has from the east side yet only the one Staten Island one from the west side. Have you heard any rumors about the New York ferry expanding its routes from the west side by chance?

    Thanks!! Happy 4th!! Lori
    • TeamMemo says:
      Thank you, Lori.
      to be honest, it’s hard to follow all of these companies and their routes. NYC Ferry started a few years ago, and they keep changing their stops and adding routes 😀
      However, I believe that NY Waterway has the monopoly on the Hudson River… You can go from the 39th sst wo wall st, but there’s a stop in NJ.

      NY Water Taxi is expensive, and I don’t think it was designed for daily commutes.

      Happy 4th of July!
      • Lori Grabowski says:
        That’s very helpful!! It is a lot, isn’t it?? With the three different services and their ever changing and growing routes!!

        I really appreciate the help that you give here! I hope you had a wonderful 4th and have a great summer! I’m going to see a concert at Pier 17 this evening. Hanging out at South St., Seaport for a few hours before hand. I think I might just make it a little easier and take a cab across town to FDR and 34th and take the ferry! Lol.
        • TeamMemo says:
          You’re welcome, and thank you for your kind message.

          I had a great 4th of July, I hope you did too! How was the concert?

          Yes, taking a cab or Uber rides can be useful in NYC. I like the subway though, cheap and fast.
  4. Jess Jack says:
    Is the NYC Water Taxi still running a line from midtown to Dumbo?
  5. Emily says:
    What an excellent summary of how to get around. Im visiting the city next weekend and this is the perfect solution
  6. Lorraine says:
    We are visiting and would like to take the Ferry over into New York. We are staying a short distance from the NY Waterway stop at Sheraton Lincoln – is there any parking available?
  7. Jen Mesot says:
    I live here and should know the answer to this question (I kind of do, but I don’t want to accept it, either), but my boyfriend recently moved to Weehawken, NJ and I moved to the northernmost part of Hell’s Kitchen (W 57th)…Is there ANY shorter/quicker/easier way to get from my apartment to his, as he is almost literally straight across the water from me (we have determined he is 8-blocks south & 2-blocks west of me, except this gigantic “river runs through us.” Ugh…Surely, there MUST be a shorter, quicker, easier way to get to him other than either A) walking to Port Authority and taking a bus over or B) walking to Port Authority and boarding the ferry at Port Imperial and ferrying over? What if we had an emergency? Surely there must be a water taxi? I used to live in Seattle and there was a part of town that was a NIGHTMARE to go to-from by car, so many folks water taxi-ed from the city to this point (West Seattle) back and forth all day…does this type of thing exist here? ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!
    • TeamMemo says:
      I’m afraid there is no other way. The PATH is not a solution for you because it doesn’t go to Weehawken. Maybe away from peak hours, one of your best options is to take a Uber/Lyft?
      Then I may have another solution, but I feel like it is the one you don’t want to accept 😀
  8. Hector says:
    Hi Memo,
    My family of six are visiting Manhattan, from Jersey. What would be the best point of entry via the Hudson?
  9. Ann says:
    can you stay on the NYC ferry for a round trip sight seeing “trip”?
    • TeamMemo says:
      Once activated, the ticket is usable for up to 90 minutes for a single-ride (and transfers within the NYC Ferry System) in the same direction. Then you need another ticket to go back to where you board the ferry.
  10. Charlie says:
    Is there a ferry close to harrah’s casino