Flor’s best tips to spend a romantic night in New York


Flor, is a girl living in New York, and she’s sharing with us her best plans. She already share plans ONLY FOR GIRLS (coming soon). And now she gives her best advices to have a romantic night for couples visiting New York.

In NYC there’s a lot of restaurants, bars… I share with you a special selection to spend a romantic and unforgettable night like New Yorkers do.

Retro night in New York

We start the night with some retro mood in Chelsea. I guess you already heard about this place because of the show SLEEP NO MORE. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money to watch it, you can still be back in the 20’s with the Mc Kittrick’s Hotel restaurant where Sleep No More takes place: The Gallow Green.

Gallow Green

The Gallow Green is one of the rooftops in NY. This is the Mc Kittrick’s Hotel one. It doesn’t have a view all over New York’s Skyline like the view you can have from the Whyte Hotel in Williamsburg, however the feeling is totally different and not a common thing, you will love it!

You access to Gallow Green by an elevator from back then, the groom who goes with you, invites you to discover this sensation. You’ll be somewhere else, in a different year, feeling the sensation of going into an old Hotel. The rooftop is amazing; there are plants and old trains. The waiters and waitresses are dressed with clothes from this period, and the Jazz music playing let you know you are back in the 20’s. Maybe you will have the chance to see the actors from Sleep No More.

The cost of beverages are in the average for NYC, $15 for a cocktail, 6 to 8 dollars for a beer and between 11 and 15 dollars for a glass of wine.

The appetizers are expensive. (You can see the menu here)

If you want to make sure to find a table, make a reservation via email (contact) or by phone (212.564.1662).

Address: 542 W 27th Street, New York, NY 10001.


The Heath

If you want to keep your night in the same mood, you can have dinner in the restaurant located below the Gallow Green; The Heath. They use to have live Jazz bands.

The waiters and waitresses respect the ‘’retro and mysterious’’ thing in the place, and some actors from Sleep No More stop at your table to talk to you.

The restaurant is really expensive, you pay for the food, and you pay for the experience too. However this experience is unique. It is a perfect place to have a romantic dinner in New York.

Restaurant’s menu: click here.

Address: 542 W 27th Street, New York, NY 10001.


Prohibition night

In New York there’s a lot of hidden places from the Prohibition era (when alcohol was prohibited in the whole country).  So let me share with you some ideas to spend your night.

Have a cocktail in a speakeasy: Angel’s Share or Please don’t tell.

The speakeasies are clandestine bars, hidden in rooms you cannot see from the exterior.

Here are 2 spots located in East Village:

Angel’s share

This speakeasy is hidden behind a wall in a Japanese restaurant room; Village Yokocho (8 Stuyvesant St, new York, NY 10003.) The bar is way too little; making it more intimate. It’s the perfect place to have a drink with some of your friends.

The cocktails are classified by alcohol marks and each drink cost around 15USD. They have a cocktail with a Japanese whisky! I really liked the One Mind Julep.

I recommend getting there early because you can’t make reservations.


Please Don’t Tell (PDT)

PDT is one of the speakeasies most well-known in NY. Its front door is so original…

To have access, you have to go thru a hotdogs fast food place, The Crif Dog (113 St. Marks Place). You can stop and buy a hotdog, it tastes really good!

On your left side there is a vintage telephone booth. Get in and dial a telephone number… The wall will open and you can get inside the bar.

The cocktails are really good, but also expensive. If you are hungry you can go to Crif Dogs.

It is essential to make a reservation and to get a spot. The reservations are made on the same day from 15h. at (212) 614-0386.


If you want to have a Prohibition night, you can also make a tour with New York Night Life. (Check my NYCTT here to make your reservation and have a discount with them).

Dinner at the Bohemian Restaurant

The Bohemian Restaurant is not very well-known in New York.

The restaurant is hidden at the end of an aisle in a building not so attractive in NoHo. The interior deco is like an apartment, with a few tables, and intimate.


The Bohemian cooks Japanese food, and combines it with some American and French specialties.

They have a tasting menu, it cost $55 and you can taste the menu specials, but also you can choose “à la carte’’. The prices are the same like any other restaurant in New York, around $25. I recommend the vegetables fondue, the grilled sea bass and the steak (from next-door butcher’s shop Japanese Premium Beef).


The problem in this restaurant is to getting a table. The restaurant’s policy is to keep the place exclusive. They even didn’t have a telephone number to call. To make a reservation, you need to have a friend who has already been there or send an email to typing in the subject “visit enquiry’’. You have to describe yourself in the email; what you like, who you are and why you want to eat at the Bohemian.

If the mail looks good for the Bohemian, they’ll answer you back with a phone number, so you can call them and make a reservation.

If you can make it thru, you can be sure that you’re going to have a wonderful night in this romantic restaurant, and you will enjoy its very tasty food.

Address: 57 Great Jones Strret. New York, NY 10012.

Open hours: Monday to Saturday from 18h30-2h, and Sundays from 18h30 ‘til midnight.

A night with a nice view all over New York

There is a lot of places in New York with breathtaking views over New York’s skyline, and it’s something you must to do when visiting NYC.

Furthermore, spending a night in a restaurant or bar overlooking New York is so romantic.

Let me share with you some of the non-touristic spots…

Park South Rooftop

The Roof at the Park is a new bar located in the Park South Hotel’s rooftop (125 E. 27th street, between Park & Lexington). It is a magnificent and perfect place for having a cocktail with your other half.

I like this place, the view is amazing, the cocktails tasty, and the snacks too (from chef Tim Cushman).


The cocktails cost around $14. The one I liked the most, was the AIRMAIL, made with traditional Rum from Martinique (French islands) with lime, honey and sparkling wine.

The snacks are not to expensive. Taste the Crocche’ di Napoli, potato Yukon croquettes with fontina cheese.


The Water Table

To continue with your night, you can have dinner at the Revolution, an old ship built for the US Navy in 1944. The ship was renewed and totally transformed into a floating restaurant.  The Chef Kelli Farwell (worked for Gramercy Tavern, Craft, Rye and DuMont restaurant) suggests a typical menu from New England and their famous lobster rolls.

You will be sailing for about 2h30 over the East River in a historical boat, enjoying fresh and seasonal food.


There is just one menu: Starter/ Main course/ Dessert for $75 (wine not included). Monday to Saturday from 19h30 to 22h.

There is a special menu on Sunday nights starting at 18h to 20h.

The ship trip starts in Skyport Marina, 23rd Street & FDR Dr.

You can get there by Metro Line 6, stop at 23rd Street, then you’ll have to walk around 15 minutes.

More info. Click here.


So there you go, now you have my plans to have a romantic night with your soulmate.

I hope you like it!

Map from the places in this article:


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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