Space Ninety 8, an Urban Outfitters concept store in Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

Space Ninety 8

Williamsburg along with its hipsters is home to great finds, as a matter of fact, I’ve just discovered the Urban Outfitters Urban Store: Space Ninety 8 or Space 98.

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Space Ninety 8 opened on April 4, 2014 and represents the hip Brooklyn with its creativity, fun objects, clothes and its Slow-Life movement.

Let me explain…

What’s the main concept of Space Ninety 8?

Space Ninety 8 was created by the famous American brand Urban Outfitters and was inspired by the Space 15 Twenty located in Los Angeles (here) also from the same company but with a Brooklyn accent! Here in Williamsburg, they have kept the same building architecture with brick walls, apparent beams and different levels of shopping to create a unique place that represent New York just like the Chelsea Market!!!

Space Ninety 8

Space Ninety 8

What can we find at Space Ninety 8?

We can find some floors with the Urban Outfitters collection and spaces with local designers called the Market Place. The latest can only exhibit their collection for one month only.

In the basement, an entire floor is dedicated to Adidas Originals and starting in May, a rooftop restaurant will open offering a magnificent view on the Williamsburg Bridge and the New York skyline.

1st floor: Urban Outfitters Women collection

How’s the store is designed?

Space Ninety 8 consists of 5 well defined floors:

– The basement: Adidas Originals starting May 8

Space Ninety 8

Space Ninety 8Space Ninety 8Space Ninety 8

– The first floor: Local and independent clothes designers and temporary stands “pop-ups-in-shop”. For the month of April, the Brooklyn brand Salt Surf is taking over the place to create a Californian decor along with swimsuits, surfboards and accessories.

Space Ninety 8

Space Ninety 8Space Ninety 8Space Ninety 8

– 1st floor: Urban Outfitters Women collection

1st floor: Urban Outfitters Women collection

Space Ninety 8Space Ninety 8Space Ninety 8

2nd floor: Urban Outfitters Women collection

Space Ninety 8

2nd floor: Urban Outfitters Women collectionSpace Ninety 8Space Ninety 8

3rd floor: Urban Outfitters men collection with a performing DJ, a number of Vinyl, books, shoes and really cool boom box suitcases just like you see on the picture below.

Shop in Williamsburg

Space Ninety 8Space Ninety 8Space Ninety 8

3rd floor - Men collection3rd floor - Men collectionSpace Ninety 8

– On the rooftop, the restaurant “The Gorbals” welcomes you for lunch starting May 2014 and is open for brunch on weekends.

Space Ninety 8

Space Ninety 8 space-ninety-brooklyn-williamsburg-restaurant-5Space Ninety 8

Space Ninety 8Space Ninety 9Space Ninety 8

The Decor:

The company Urban Renewal has decorated the first floor.

Here’s a video of the making:

Urban Renewal Shop – Brooklyn from Chris Melgar on Vimeo.

Space Ninety 8 contact and hours of operation:


Business hours: everyday from 10 am to 10 pm except Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm.

Address: 98 N 6th Street, Brooklyn NY, 11249

Afficher Space Ninety 8 sur une carte plus grande

Space Ninety 8: Is it a great tip?

If you’re looking for original pieces of clothing, then yes it’s a great tip since at this tore you’ll find unique items reasonably priced.

Even if you’re not buying anything then visit Space Ninety 8 since it’s a unique and creative atmosphere!!!

And why not enjoy a Sunday brunch starting May on the rooftop to enjoy great views on Manhattan and Brooklyn 😉

Space Ninety 8


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