Frequently asked questions for stressed out parents before traveling to New York

Recognize that you’re actually stressing out about your upcoming trip to New York? You might wonder how you’re going to find everything you might need for your little one with things like baby food, how to enjoy a rooftop bar with an amazing view and if you should get a New York City Pass for your child?

I will try to calm you down and answer all your most frequently asked questions regarding your next trip to NY.

Is it possible to enter a bar with your kids?

It depends!! In United-States, Americans and most importantly bar and club owners make a point of respecting the law. The law states that alcohol can only be sold to adults. In United-States, the majority is 21 years old.
The question is: how are you going to get in with your 5-6 years old kid or your teenager?
On that case, the best tip is to simply go to during the day!! Yes, you’ll notice that at night, most bars and pubs have a security posted at the entrance therefore prohibiting access to minors even if they accompanied by their parents or other adults.
So take advantage to go to 230 Fifth Rooftop during the day for a brunch or just to get an afternoon drink!!!


Where can you find baby food in New York?

No, you don’t need to stress before leaving and stuff your suitcase with baby food!!! 🙂
In New York, there are no supermarkets in each street corners but you can still find a lot of convenience stores:
Whole Foods Market: read more on NYCTT
Food Emporium:
Trader Joe’s:
CVS Pharmacy

Try to locate some of these stores around your hotel or apartment to stack up on items you might need on the first day!!! 🙂

Should you get a New York City Pass for your child?

If you are looking into getting a New York City Pass for yourself and your partner then you might wonder whether you should get one for your kid? Besides, is it really worth it since admissions might be free in some museums or attractions? In addition, what can you do to avoid long lines?

Let me explain to you how the New York City Pass works. For $122 per adults and $98 for children, you’ll be granted 6 museums and attractions visits, but you’ll also avoid long lines with the fast pass. The option is available for the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty + Ellis Island. For more info, take a look here: New York City Pass

So what’s the ultimate best tip for your little one???
Some NYC museums and attractions offer free admissions for kids according to their age:

Free Admission
6-12 / $26
+62 / $31
+65 / $17
2-12 / $12.50
+60 / $17
Top of the Rock
6-12 / $28
+62 / $32
Landmark Cruise + Brooklyn
3-12 / $32
+65 / $39
Harbor Lights
3-12 / $32
+65 / $39
Liberty Cruise
3-12 / $25
+65 / $30
-100 cm
3-12 / $23
Liberté + Ellis
4-12 / $9
+62 / $14
Memorial 9/11
7-17 / $15
+65 / $18
Intrepid Museum
5-12 / $24
+65 / $31
Guggenheim Museum
+65 / $18

This way, according to your kid’s age, you’ll be able to decide where he or she is eligible for free admission.
Of course, if you decide not to buy the NY City Pass for your kid, you’ll have to buy individual tickets separately for your child on your next vacation in New York.

The fast pass is really useful for the Empire State Building since the lines are quite long!!!
Similarly, the visits of the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island are very popular and as you can imagine you’ll save precious time by going through the fast pass. In addition, you can take the first ferry if you arrive by 8:15 am.


Dear parents, I hope I managed to answer some of your questions regarding your trip. This will allow you to prepare the best you can and enjoy New York to the fullest. I have some ideas of what you can do with your kids and teens (more info).
Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I will try to answer you and add any details to the article that might be helpful 🙂


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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Frequently asked questions for stressed out parents before traveling to New York

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