How to register and participate at the New York City Marathon 2021?

The New York City Marathon takes place each first Sunday in November. For 2021, it will be on Sunday November 7th.
The NYC Marathon 2020 has been canceled due to coronavirus related-health concerns 🙁 Those who had an entry could run a virtual marathon.
For 2021, the inscriptions to the marathon will start on June 8, you can read here the official information yet.

The History behind New York City Marathon:

Created in 1970, New York’s marathon welcomes athletes from around the world who sign up at one of the most famous race in the world.
Back in the days, the race consisted of running around Central Park a few times. But in 1976, the number of participants grew, and the Co-founder, Fred Lebow decided to redesign the race path to include New York City’s five boroughs.

Nowadays, the marathon starts in Staten Island close to the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, which shuts down for the event. During the race’s first few minutes, the bridge is overcrowded with runners.

The path heads to Brooklyn, Queens, then the runners cross the East River by the Queensboro Bridge to reach Manhattan. The itinerary goes North on First avenue to briefly reach the Bronx before going back to Manhattan on 5th avenue and finally cross the finish line in Central Park.

How to register for the New York’s Marathon?

The marathon takes months and even years to prepare mostly because of its organization (travel, budget) and its registration which are both challenging.

For the lucky participants, a lottery will determine by computer who will qualify. Once selected, the champions are listed along with the “VIP” and regulars. Due to its popularity, there’s a high number of registration at the race, and you have 2 out of 5 chances to participate.

Your best bet is to register on the official website ( – note: you have to be 18 to register.
Avoid filling up the form by saying that you can run the marathon in less than 2 hours since the organizers aren’t naïve and are used to fake statements.

For registration:
– Your first name and, if available, a TCS New York City Marathon password
– Your NYRR member number (if available)
– The name and time achieved in previous marathons (the last two years)
– A credit card still valid for the next upcoming marathon
– Your bank contact.

How to register and participate at the New York City’s Marathon?

Participation at the New York City’s Marathon

For those who don’t give up on the way and manage to pass through the registration process and the cost of a trip to New York, an unforgettable ovation will welcome you somewhere in Central Park.
Besides, for each runner, a certificate will be delivered attesting to your participation in the event. Then you could proudly frame it in your office or living room 🙂

The best tips for New York’s Marathon

1st best tip for NY’s Marathon: Another way to participate to New York’s Marathon is to become one of the 12 000 volunteers of the event which might open the door for an eventual future participation.
2nd best tip for NY’s Marathon: Each Marathon edition breaks registration records. The best way is to be prepared in advance and register as early as indicated above!!!
3rd best tip for NY’s Marathon: If you plan to participate but don’t want to organize all the trip, you can contact one of the travel agency listed in the official website of the marathon (not available yet).

How to register and participate at the New York City’s Marathon?

For more info, visit

The official website:
The Facebook group:
If you want to know the best spots to watch the marathon, read my tips in NYCTT.

Good luck!!! And let us know if you’re planning to run New York’s Marathon, we can follow you!


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