The Loeb Boathouse Central Park Restaurant (A NYCTT by Marion)


Located in the heart of Central Park, this is a romantic and pretty appeased restaurant is a calm place in a big city.

Marion from the NYCTT community share with us her experience.

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The Loeb Boathouse Central Park Restaurant (A NYCTT by Marion)


Where is The Loeb Boathouse Central Park located?

It’s kind of surprising, but The Loeb Boathouse it’s in Central Park 🙂

It is by The Lake surrounded by nature, contrasting with the New York streets.

After taking a walk in Central Park, you realize that it is really big. We made reservations to eat at the restaurant and we were almost late.

How is The Loeb Boathouse?

The front of the restaurant is typical from New York: red bricks, pillars, windows with white frames, flowers…

In the interior, the deco is fancy and classic.


What type of cuisine is made at this Central Park restaurant?

A la carte, the menu is classic and varied. It is kind European; with pasta, fish, meat, cold cuts… If you are addicted to hamburgers, you can ask for one.


What we ate and what we recommend?

For entry, we had cold meat (varied)- mozzarella and tuna tartar. The mozzarella wasn’t really good, but the other food was perfect.

For the main course, we had pasta with shrimps and grilled salmon. Both were delicious.

We weren’t hungry anymore, so we didn’t have the chance to taste the desserts.


What kind of costumers visits the restaurant?

All kinds…

At the tables close to us, he had an American couple (kind of hipsters), another table with grannies, a family (tourists) wearing shorts and sneakers…

Because it is in Central Park, I guess it attracts tourist attention.  Well this was our experience at lunch; maybe it is more fancy for dinner.


How is the vibe in the restaurant?

It is a chic and classy restaurant, but casual at the same time. From the restaurant you have a nice view to the lake.

The day we were there, it was rainy, so they closed the large window that split the restaurant from the lake. However we still enjoyed the view over the lake and the park.


How was the restaurant service?

The waiters are well-dressed and very kind.

After getting there, they offer you a glass of water, and they ask us what we would like to drink.

Then the waiter come back to propose different types of bread with butter.

We didn’t have to wait to long to get served.

We only had to wait to pay the check.


What is the best plan for The Loeb Boathouse?

First thing, make a reservation on their website.

It is better that way, so you don’t have to wait and have a table close the large window with a view to the lake.


Most of the tables in this area are for 4 to 6 people. If you are only two, I am not sure you’ll have a table close to the lake. When you make your reservation, the restaurant tries to give you the best located table.

The other good plan is making a reservation for lunch.

The menu is not as varied as dinner, but prices are more affordable, you can take advantage of the view and take a boat after you finished ($15+20 deposit fee). You will enjoy the sun and take pictures in front of the Bethesda Fountain.

The last good plan is, that the movie “When Harry met Sally” was filmed in this restaurant.


How much you can spend at The Loeb Boathouse?

It is quite expensive. For 2 entrees, 2 main courses, 2 wineglasses we paid around $140 tip included.

The good thing about this restaurant, it shows its menu on their website, so there are no surprises, you can choose your food before going in. The bad thing is that they don’t have a Menu for lunch, only à la Carte.


What is the other great plan of the restaurant?

If it’s not for lunch or dinner, but you are around there stop and have a beer or a drink at the terrace.

After the refreshing stop or lunch, you can continue taking a walk in Central Park.



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