Mulberry Project, a speakeasy in Little Italy (New York City travel Tip from Cyrielle) – CLOSED


Cyrielle shares with us one of her favorite places she discovered during her trip to New York: the speakeasy bar “Project Mulberry”.
Located in Little Italy, the restaurant has no signs at its entrance and is hidden. It’s like a New Yorker ‘speakeasy which was created in the days of Prohibition when alcohol was banned from sale.
I will let Cyrielle tell you her experience.
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Mulberry Project, a speakeasy in Little Italy – A New York City travel Tip from Cyrielle

How to find the Mulberry Project?

It is located at 149 Mulberry St. in Little Italy.
Be sure to remember the street number “149”.
This is the only sign that will guide you to the bar. Indeed, do not try to find another sign! Pay attention to these few stairs leading down to a neutral gate and open the door!

After entering, you arrive in a rather dark and long bar, in a somewhat baroque style.
Cross the bar, and take the few steps that are at the back. And then, surprise! There’s a terrace that you do not expect to see!

There are hanging lanterns and fairy lights. There’s graffiti on the walls, green plants, a synthetic lawn and wooden furniture, a cocktail bar and music in the background. You will immediately feel comfortable in this ambiance.


What is the atmosphere of the Mulberry Project?

The atmosphere is casual and trendy. The average age is 21-30 years old, at least the night we were there.

And what we liked is that the majority of the customers were local (since there are no signs at the entrance). So, we felt like we were New Yorker’s for an evening. 🙂


What can you drink and eat at the Mulberry Project?

They mostly serve cocktails.
Cocktails costs $15 ($85 for a pitcher), and most importantly, they are delicious.
It is also possible to eat there.

We chose two dishes without knowing what to expect, in the end, it was a kind of “tapas”.
So we had crab coquettes with avocado, slices of ham and chopped vegetables on bread. What we chose was very good, but perhaps a little pricey for the quantity. I do not remember the exact price but we paid too much for not having a “real” meal.


How’s the Mulberry Project?

In our case, we were unable to finish the evening on the terrace because of the rain. The waitress was really nice and came to apologize for the rain and asked us if we needed anything else.

Despite the weather, we spent an evening in a purely New York atmosphere, and if we return to NY, we will certainly go back there, we both liked the decorations and the atmosphere.

From the terrace there is no view of the city, it’s not a rooftop terrace. It is surrounded by buildings.


My best tip if you want to go to Mulberry Project:

It’s better to book before if you want a table on the terrace. We arrived around 9pm, it was already full. So we made a reservation and went back one hour later.


More information about the restaurant

The bar is only open in the evening (from 6.00 pm to 4am), and like all bars in NY, a security guard asks for your ID at the entrance.
Address: 149 Mulberry Street, NYC


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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Mulberry Project, a speakeasy in Little Italy (New York City travel Tip from Cyrielle) - CLOSED

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