What weather forecast to expect for your next trip to New York?

If you’re planning on going to New York, you probably want to know what kind of weather to expect.

What type of climate does New York have?

New York has a humid continental climate, meaning that the winters are cold and humid with snow precipitations and icy conditions. Now, you need to know that the Appalachians Mountains offer protection for New York against cold winds from Canada. Thus, the temperatures are actually less cold than in some Midwest cities like Milwaukee, Minneapolis, or Chicago.

Summertime is usually very hot and humid which are not ideal conditions either.

When is the best time to travel to New York according to the climate?

If you’re debating whether to go to NY according to the seasons, then I think that Spring or Fall are the most agreeable times to go.
Between April and June, the vegetation grows back to life as the days are warming up.
September and October are equally very pleasant.
The issue with in-between seasons means it could either be very sunny and hot or cold and rainy. Therefore, it’s never easy to pack your luggage!

What weather can you expect while in New York ?

Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, or next summer, the website Wunderground has gathered temperatures, precipitations, wind forces, and so on for several years.
So, your best bet is:
1. Go to the page: Wunderground
2. You will see daily and weekly weather
3. Then you can pick a day in the History & Almanac section (for instance, January 1st 2018 if you travel to New York on New Year’s Day)
4. Finally, a page will appear with the weather History of New York
5. You can choose “Daily” for information on a particular day, “Weekly” for the week, or “Monthly” for the month.
6. You should be able to see in the column “Average”, all January 1st average temperatures of New York for the past 60 years.

How to know when dusk is falling while in New York?

You’ll need to proceed to the Time and Date website and choose a desired day.
You’ll see that the actual time indicates the time and day when nighttime falls.

New York weather in charts

Below, you will find 3 charts: one with New York temperatures (including highs and lows), another with NYC’s precipitation, and the last one with snowfalls in NY.
Notice the right side of the charts, measures are in Celsius and mm.

Additional information about New York’s weather 

If you’d like a nice summary table of NYC’s weather in calendar form click here.


My fist trip to New York was in 2007 when I was working for an airline company. I was born in the US, I lived in Mexico, in Europe in between Belgium, Spain and France… Well, let’s say I know about travelling! I bring my experience of NYC to the blog, to provide the best travel tips you could imagine!

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What weather forecast to expect for your next trip to New York?

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