Atrium DUMBO, a modern and elegant restaurant in Brooklyn

If you are walking through DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge Park, take the opportunity to go to the Atrium DUMBO restaurant.
In this area you have several options to eat. It could be a Shake Shack hamburger for example, a lobster hot dog at Luke’s Lobster, a pizza at Grimaldi’s or a special dinner at the River Café. Atrium DUMBO is elegant and modern, at the crossroads of all the previous places I just mentioned.

How is the atmosphere of the Atrium DUMBO?

The decoration is modern with wooden furniture. There’s a large vertical garden on the wall.

The restaurant has two floors:
– You get in by the bar area. There you can order drinks and oysters.

Then on the left you have the Atrium, with tables and the open kitchen in the background.

– The upper floor where we ate is a little smaller. From there you can see the whole restaurant.

The restaurant is spacious, very nice and cozy.

They store the wine in small wooden crates against the wall. I liked the idea for my apartment!

What can you eat?

The dishes are mainly American, with Italian touches.
The place is famous for its oysters, crab and shrimp.

Anyhow, we ordered the Black Angus Burger.
We sincerely loved it. It was delicious and very well served, with baked potatoes.

Our son Marius ate a Mac & Cheese, one of the American favorites comfort food!. It was enough for him and delicious.

How much does it cost to eat there?

The area is very fashionable, so the prices are a bit high.
For example, the hamburger costs $ 20.
The Mac & Cheese costs $ 8 but counts as “side”. It’s fine for a child, but not enough for an adult.
The glass of wine costs between $ 12 and $ 16. Among several people, it would be better to order a bottle.
See the full menu:

Where is the restaurant?

It is in the heart of DUMBO, near Brooklyn Bridge Park. The Empire Stores mall is on the side.
Address: 15 Main St, Brooklyn, NY 11201


Atrium DUMBO is very pleasant for a break at lunchtime or a romantic dinner.
It’s not the cheapest restaurant in New York, we paid $ 84 in total. However, the place is beautiful, the food is rich and we liked the atmosphere.
Let me post more photos:


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Atrium DUMBO, a modern and elegant restaurant in Brooklyn

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