Mandoo Bar, a Korean restaurant in Korea town (New York Travel tip from Patricio)


Patricio has been to New York numerous times and he always stops by his favorite Korean restaurant: Mandoo bar. He liked it so much he wanted to share his experience with everyone.

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What kind of food do they serve at Mandoo Bar?

It is a Korean restaurant located in Koreatown in the heart of New York.



What kind of dishes do they serve?

It varies from your choice of meat to, fish and many vegetarian plates as well.



What is your favorite recipe?

On that day we tried the “baby mandoo 16 pieces”, the “mool mandoo 4 pieces”, the “chicken fried rice”, and the “beef fried rice.” This is the restaurant I go to every time im in New York. I also really enjoy their “noodles” they’re very well served.



How is the restaurant?

It is a small location, I would recommend getting there early during brunch hours so the waiting time doesn’t take very long and you can pick good seats.



What is their clientele like?

A lot of tourists and employees that work in the area go to eat at this restaurant.



How is their service?

When you get there once you get seated they bring you water first like any other traditional restaurant but once your ready to order the service is fast.



What is a good tip for Mandoo bar?

The prices here are great and so is the quality of food, you can eat a descent amount of food without having to spend a lot of money its one of the things I like most about this place its really affordable.



How much are their dishes?

The appetizers start at $5.50 and up to $16 for a dinner plate.



Where is the restaurant located?

It is in Downtown near Macy’s and Hotel Radisson Martinique.

Address: 2 W 32nd St, New York




I’ve been to this restaurant three or four times already, as many times as I’ve been to New York. It’s a small restaurant the waiters are always happy to help, if you’re in the area and want to eat good food without spending too much money then I recommend eating at Mandoo Bar.



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Mandoo Bar, a Korean restaurant in Korea town (New York Travel tip from Patricio)

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